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This week has been something of a clusterfuck...

Let's go through the general weirdness for this week in no particular order, shall we.

My glasses are kind of broken. There's a little silver plate at the glasses end of the arms that stops the arm extending too far out. It came loose the other week and I just shoved it back in place and didn't think about it. Some time after that, I lost it. Currently there's a piece of folded black electric tape doing much the same job. It seems that optometrists do not keep have spare parts for glasses. I either need to take them to a specialist repair place or get a whole new pair.

I have a rental inspection in early March. This is not overly bothersome in and of itself, but it's more of a camel and straw kind of deal.

Due to a series of Other People's Decisions, I have to find a new temp agency before the end of the month... the in's and out's are fairly dull, but its just another level of fuckery I didn't need to hear this week.

Sort of on the flip side, my job is being advertised this week. Which sounds bad, but what it actually means is that I can apply for the job I'm doing and potentially get it on a permanent basis. Which is good. It's just the fact that I have to do that right now while everything else is going on which is a bit crap.

Sadly the last two items don't cancel each other out, because by the time the second one actually comes into effect, the first one will need to be in place.

So now all I have to do is write both a job application and a number of Fringe reviews within the same time period.

I woke up on Friday to discover that my router/modem had passed away quietly in the night. I flicked it on as I usually do in the morning, only to discover that there were no lights, no nothing. Joy! So I went out after work on Friday to Hardly Normal and bought a new one. Then came home and installed it.

It was less dramatic and problematic than I feared, but now I'm not sure if any of the issues I'm having are caused by my new router or the websites themselves (like the fact that uploading images to the blog seems to be slightly broken, but I think that may be them not me).

And then, back in camel and straw territory, Fringe has started (which underlines pretty much all the other issues from this week) and Ma still isn't driving. So that makes my life just that wee little bit more complicated.

Thankfully work had calmed down a little this week, gave me some breathing room (although weirdly, having breathing room makes me want to do anything except stop and breathe, if we carry the analogy all the way to the end).

So, to sum up... generally there's one month-long period of time during the year when I'm insanely busy... and for the rest of the year, mostly nothing. So if anything that's not the busy thing I'm already doing could just fuck the fuck off until around April or May, that would be great.

Today was, at least in part, something of an antidote to all of that.

Because we had our first Fringe show today, and because, as previously mentioned, Ma still isn't driving, while I still had to do the shopping this morning, I didn't then have to race off down the road to Ma's place. Instead I could just relax for a while... which turned out to be both going shopping about an hour later than usual and then taking a side trip to a different shopping centre and taking a leisurely wander around Kmart. And then when I came back, sitting down and playing the latest couple of my 70+ hours in Lego Dimensions. I picked up a couple of cheap sets this week... so, yeah.

Did I for all intents and purposes waste those couple of hours when I could have been doing something either productive or else something that would have saved me time later? Yes. Do I care? No.

Eventually I got ready and went to pick Ma up. And it's not even like we did anything at her end, so it was literally just drive all the way there, turn around and come back again.

We had talked about doing something slightly more interesting either on the way back or when we got back here, but really, there wasn't anything we wanted or needed to do, so we just hung out here for a bit and then headed down to Norwood for dinner at Grill'd before the first Fringe show of the season (more on that later).

And then I drove Ma all the way home, turned around and came back again.

I will spare a quick blessing for the Acquisitions Incorporated podcasts which are currently what I'm mainlining and do a good job of keeping me entertained going up and down the road.

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