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The overnight low last night never dropped below 30°C... fuck that shit, fuck Summer and as far as I'm concerned Winter can't come around fast enough.

Thinking about it, I don't really know anything of much note to do a list of things I know to be true right now.

Ma's still has her arm in the sling... but she's supposed to go back to work (at least for a few hours each day) next week. And they probably won't let her drive for another 3 or 4 weeks. Just in time for the Fringe.

I also went back to work on Tuesday. The hardest part, other than getting up at a prescribed time, was putting closed in shoes on after a week of either no shoes or thongs. To be honest, wearing big boy pants was also a bit of a wrench.

I took some time out to do some stuff that I've needed to do for a while but never had time for... but I spent a couple of days rewriting the process document for my area (much as I did between Christmas and New Year last year)... but at least it's done now.

Otherwise it was a somewhat dull week... I ended up having some quite left field conversations with people... including two completely independent and unique conversations about the mantis shrimp (one about the eyes, one about the claws).

And given that while all of my team were back on deck but only half of the wider team was around, absolutely zero fucks were given (by me).

After work on Tuesday I took the parcel of amaray cases I'd had delivered to work (it was just easier), and picked up a veritable fuck-ton of graphic novels (that's what happens when you order a bunch of things and they all come in at once... hehehe so much stuff to read sitting on my bedside table). And then caught the bus home because who really wants to walk carrying all that stuff.

Fun fact: The bus that I catch to work in the morning stops running between 2:18pm and 6:40pm... Yes, there are two other buses that run on almost the same route (only 1 of which I was aware of until just now when I looked it up). But it just seems bizarre.

I don't think I mentioned that I set up the rainbow neon lamp I bought myself "for Christmas" (it wasn't really, but I picked it up on Christmas Eve, so why not)... it's really nice. And I haven't used my other very bright (although it wasn't that bright at the old house, I swear) lamp since.

Given that it was also stupidly fucking hot yesterday, I went and picked up yet another graphic novel order, then wandered around the city for a bit before catching the bus home again.

Ma and I went back and forth a little bit on what we should do about today... she initially suggested tomorrow, but it made more sense to me for both of us to be able to open our places up tomorrow (plus I wanted to go to the movies, and I've got a bunch of other things I need to do), so we settled on today.

Don't get me wrong, the ride to and from Ma's place wasn't pleasant (I really need to get the aircon in my car fixed)... but I'm getting ahead of myself slightly.

I got organised and got to the supermarket just before it opened, as I've been doing since Christmas Eve (and which I'm going to miss once Ma's driving again), and had everything done by just after 8am. I came back, unpacked, repacked Ma's groceries and then loaded up the car and headed down the road.

Like I said, not overly pleasant, but also not completely shit either.

When I got there Ma had already taken all the baubles off the Christmas tree (yeah, that was the other thing we needed to do today, take Ma's tree down)... I wasn't expecting her to do it, but it kind of made sense, since it was something she should have been able to do relatively easily with mostly 1 arm.

I don't usually get involved in the taking down process, so it all felt a little weird... but at least it was pretty quick, and we got everything packed away under the stairs.

Then we headed off the the shops to soak up some of their air-con before the movie (more on that later, naturally).

Now I know it was a kids movie, and I know it was a cinema we don't normally go to (last time was Fantastic Beasts, and I think that was the first time I'd been there) but good grief, I have never been in a movie session where so many people, adults and children alike got up, moved seats, left the cinema, came back into the cinema or just generally didn't sit the hell down and just watch the movie. I mean I get it when you have small children who need to go pee... but there was a couple of kids who just seemed to be roaming all over the cinema (one of them was doing cartwheels about halfway through the movie... seriously)... and their adult was sitting in a completely different section.

Urgh... I mean, c'mon, teach your kids how to movie, for goodness sake.

Afterwards we grabbed a late lunch, came back and I left Ma with her evaporative cooler and took the slightly sweaty drive home. Thankfully I'd set my air-con to start running about ah hour before I got home, so I came home to a relatively cool house.

Now if only the change would come in properly like it's supposed to.

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