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lego architecture sydney - the box
I've quite enjoyed seeing the various "skyline" sets from Lego Architecture... I'm not completely sure which one they started with, but I remember seeing Venice and thinking "I've climbed across all of those things in Assassin's Creed". And London, with the big London Eye is gorgeous... but as soon as I saw they'd announced the Sydney set, I had to get it...

It's not the first Architecture set with a Sydney theme I've put together... all the way back in 2012 I got the Sydney Opera House set from the actual Sydney Opera House.

So on Sunday afternoon I got to work putting it together...

lego architecture sydney - the partslego architecture sydney - knolling it all out
First came the unpacking. Once again, there's the big thick instruction book that seems to be a hallmark of the Architecture sets, half of which had information about Sydney, the other half was the building instructions. Then there were four bags of pieces, from the quite big down to the very tiny.

I spend a good long while knolling out the piece.. unsurprisingly there's a lot of black, a lot of dark blue and a lot of both tan and white pieces, including the little pyramid pieces that make up the opera house which I hadn't seen before.

My favourite pieces, or rather my favourite colour in this set has to be the transparent blue pieces up in the middle top of the knolling image... they're just so bright and really great looking.

lego architecture sydney - basing it out
We start with the base of the model... first the black base with the printed Sydney tile, then the grey jumper tiles... and the much paler blue of Sydney Harbour... along with the white sailboats.

I kind of which they'd put a lighter colour under the water tiles since they're transparent. Either just plain old blue or some other colour that matches the transparent tiles.

The tiny touches of green around the base of the bridge is also quite interesting.

lego architecture sydney - sydney harbour bridge
The Sydney Harbour Bridge... It's an interesting construction technique, especially the way the interlocking pieces are combined. And it's perhaps a little more "generic bridge" looking, although once the columns go in, it looks fairly accurate.

lego architecture sydney - deutsche bank place
Next up comes Deutsche Bank Place... or the Ski Jump Building as I think somebody told me it was colloquial called (I could be wrong). I actually had a lot of fun building this, mostly because it's not overly complicated and repeats, but the end result looks pretty damn spiffy.

I think maybe they could have left the top layer of blue and white off, but it is accurate to the three stepped in sections of the real building.

lego architecture sydney - sydney tower
For a part of the build that doesn't really have a ton of parts, the Sydney Tower is probably the most dead on and the most interesting to build. The transparent blue bricks I liked so much combine with the dark blue bricks to make the bottom section and then the rest of rocket engines and satellite dishes.

I do like that the top of the tower is just a bunch of stacked satellite dishes... and it works really well.

lego architecture sydney - the finished build
And last but not least, the Sydney Opera House.

To be honest, it felt very familiar after the previous Architecture set, but this was like the micro version of that, which in itself felt very stylised. It's much the same mechanics though, all the sails are held in place with hinge bricks.

It does look pretty damn fancy once it's finished though, and I couldn't resist some "beauty shots" on some blue card.

I will say that it's a taller set than I was expecting, due mostly to the Sydney Tower, but then that is very Sydney.

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