photo saturday: architecture lines

bridgeside quayfrom the north shore

sail ribssydney shine
I don't quite know what's going on with this week... but I appear to have completely run out of fucks to give... and I'm not the only one if work is anything to go by.

Nothing was difficult or complicated or even exceptionally busy, although work has started to pick up, as expected.

Also, I'm 100% fully over salads... they're fine if I'm making them to be consumed right then and there, but I've really only had a couple of successful week's worth of salad. Hence why this week I'm going to go back to soup. Tomato soup, so I could always try it cold if the mood takes me.

Friday we went out to the pub... I wasn't going to go, I wasn't really in the mood, but I ended up going for a couple of drinks and it was pleasant... and then I had a bit of a wander through town, ended up buying the Lego Architecture Sydney skyline set... No damn idea where I'm going to put it, but I couldn't resist.

Hence the photos at the top of the post...

I wasn't really firing on all cylinders this morning so I was a little later getting to the supermarket than I have been the last few weeks. I really didn't end up buying all that much to be honest... but then soup generally takes less supplies than salad.

After I'd gotten back here and unpacked, I headed down to Ma's place. And then we headed out to her shopping centre, because really, what else is there to do.

Weirdly, I feel like we spent more time there last weekend, but we definitely bought more crap this time around. Including a visit to the $2.80 store, which is always slightly dangerous.

Then we headed back and got sucked into some random thing on teevee before I gave up and headed home.

So, yeah, not really a very exciting week...

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