Hello 2017... a lot of people are both very glad to see you and worried for what you hold. Be gentle with us, would you.

It's also the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development... so that's a thing.

Yesterday was a funny old day... it didn't really feel like the last day of the year, and then on top of that it was also a Saturday, so there was shopping to be done. I got up fairly early and headed off to the supermarket to be there when they opened. It was a much more chill experience than Christmas Eve, unsurprisingly.

After I was done and had put away my stuff in my still overstuffed fridge, I packed up Ma's groceries and headed off to her place.

Given that we abandoned going to La Cousina's on Christmas Day, Ma had arranged to go and see them on Saturday... but La Cousina was running a bit behind schedule so we headed off to the shops to do some errands Ma wanted to do.

Then it was off to La Cousina's. And it was a really good visit... it was just La Cousina, Miss Oh, Ma, me and Princess T's little girl. She really is the most adorable baby (she's 6 or 7 months old if memory serves)... all chubby arms and legs and big anime eyes. And she's clearly one of those kids who take to strangers right away... I pretty much had hold of her or had her in my lap the entire time we were there (other than a short nap she had). And it just being La Cousina and Miss Oh was nice too... so we ended up having a good long chat about this, that, the other and nothing much at all and we were there for a couple of hours all up.

I didn't stick around too long after we got back to Ma's... I still had a bunch of stuff I wanted to do before settling in for New Years Eve.

First things first was getting the place tidied up... not that it was that bad given that I hadn't done much all week besides playing video games (mostly Lego Dimensions... not really surprising given that they were over half of my Christmas present... but I also finished off Firewatch, which was amazing, but nothing like I thought it was going to be... but that definitely needs another play through at some stage) and watching the first season of Westworld (it took a while to get there, but by the end, I was totally on board).

Then I had to do some blogging... so I didn't really get started on the usual NYE routine until after 8pm... dinner was a plate full of potsticker dumplings which were fantastic... and a gin slushie, finally using some of those zooper doopers. And I'll say right now... alcoholic slushie, A+++ idea.

Although I'm glad I paced myself... partly because I still don't have the ratios of gin, water, ice and zooper dooper 100% right... but I had two and then just had some gin and soda... and I'll admit, I was a little fluffy this morning.

My movie selections for the evening were Kubo and the Two Strings followed by The Man From U.N.C.L.E.... Kubo still remains an amazing movie, and TMFU, which doesn't hold up quite as well given my original impression, but is still very, very enjoyable.

One thing about being so far away from town compared to previous years, although more specifically the last two, is that I hardly even heard the fireworks... a couple of the louder bangs, but that was about it. And I could JUST see some of the high ones in the gap between a couple of the neighbouring houses. Ah well.

TMFU finished up around 12:30 and I did a little tidying up, but then realised that as is their post midnight NYE tradition, Channel 9 was showing Can't Stop The Music yet again... the down side being that it wouldn't finish until around 2am... so I watched a little, tweeted about it (and got more likes than I think I've had on ANYTHING in quite a while... go figure), then gave up and went to bed.

This morning, as I said, I woke up a little bit fluffy... but thankfully Past Me remembered to buy eggs so that Present Me could have bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast.

I didn't really do much with the morning, but then this afternoon I went off to see the Assassin's Creed movie (more on that later) in the city. And I had enough points on my card to see it for free, so that was nice.

So yeah, the whole weekend/NYE/NYD has been a very quiet and low-key one (I feel like I say that every year, but still, it's true).

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