two thousand and fifteen in review

2015 in review
It's the last day of 2015, and just like every year since 2006, I'm doing my usual "first line of the first post of each month" meme/Year In Review.

And as usual, I found the Chinese zodiac stamp for the year in question... although I don't know what I'm going to do in 2021 when the line runs out...

Given that this year has been seen the lowest number of blog posts since I started, partly because I merged the Photo Friday and Shopping Saturday posts into one larger post... but that did mean that I tweaked the rules to be the first significant line of the first significant post of each month... but it's essentially the same thing.

January: I know I've said it before, but one of the (many) things I do like about living in this apartment over the old apartment is the fact that I can just go and lay on my bed and watch the many and varied fireworks displays that happen throughout the year.

February: I'll be honest, I had figured that due to the brouhaha that blew up last year around the creator of the Lifescouts project, as well as a number of other young male YouTube "personalities" (which I won't reiterate here, that's what Google is for), that we'd possibly seen the last of Lifescouts.

March: Sometimes you see a Fringe show where there are only ten people in the audience.

April: I was very thankful that this was a short week...

May: I never got around to doing a Friday post yesterday, partly due to a slight obsession with watching a playthrough of the Fallout 3 video game on YouTube...

June: Rolling the calendar back to Sunday, I spent about six hours cleaning my apartment for the inspection on Tuesday.

July: I've definitely had issues with electronic equipment this week, mostly computers and thankfully entirely at work.

August: The soup I made last Sunday was successful as far as it being soup on Sunday was concerned, however by the time it came it Monday it was decidedly no longer soup and was in fact just pasta and sauce.

September: This year has definitely been The Year of the Soup.

October: I believe that, by any technical definition of the term, I am every so slightly hungover as fuck.

November: I really would like to start one of these by saying that my week wasn't somewhat trying... but alas, this is not the week or it.

December: I'm really not sure what the hell I have to say... partly because it's fairly hot right now (and all weekend actually, after a very mild week), even with the aircon and fan going.

If I had to sum up this year I'd say it had been exceptionally busy, but I find myself here at the end of the year with not a hell of a lot to show for the last 364 days.

I did celebrate my tenth blogiversary this year though, even if, as I said before, my blogging has significantly diminished over the last twelve months.

We didn't travel anywhere this year, which is something I definitely want to remedy next year, depending on how the work situation unfolds.

Work in general has gone from one level of crazy to another. We launched the first part of our major project at the end of January, then moved on to the other half, which is supposed to be done by next June. What happens after that is anybody's guess at this point. Every time we think we know what's going on, they pull the rug out from under us all unfortunately.

This year's Fringe was, as I said at the time, "a very emotional Fringe in a lot of ways", but also had an incredibly good time. Other than that we saw Danny Elfman's music (not to mention the man himself) in concert, revisited the Unseen Theatre Company, sat very close the the stage for Adam Hills, and were delighted by the verbal stylings of Stephen Fry in Adelaide for the first time.

We headed off to Brick-a-laide over the Easter break... and I put together seven Lego sets (well, eight if you count the Lego Dimenions set, but I haven't done a post about that yet) this year...
I also finished off Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Red Dead Redemption, played through Heavy Rain (and had everybody die on me) and totally failed to finish both BioShock Infinite and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. I tried with ACR, I really did, but it was a bad mash up of Black Flag and ACIII, and I just couldn't get into it.

Also, as my post from September above states, this was decidedly the year for soup. I went through the whole of Winter and made nothing but soup for my work lunches, as well as dinner on Sunday nights. While there were some disasters, I'm excited about starting it up again next year... especially as I've been saving the rinds and leftovers from all my Parmesan cheeses to use as flavourings.

I've also discovered the wonderful art of making my own salad dressings... which I have to say, I'm doing pretty damn well at.

And, as always, today is my Twitter anniversary... in this case, my sixth.

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