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Today Adelaide broke the record of days above 40°C in December... previously it was three days, today's top of 44°C makes it four days. And we had temperatures over 35°C since Monday... making it officially a big fat heatwave. Thankfully the cool change rolls in tonight, and not a moment too soon.

I've also spent much more time than usual in doctor's offices this week.

And also, my hair is blue. But we'll get to that...

Monday started with a trip to my lovely old doctor to get a bunch of skin tags removed from my neck... not that they were a problem, but they were unsightly and I wanted them gone. I did have a moment just before the doctor started working on them that getting an old doctor to wield a scalpel near my neck was possibly a bad idea.

But it all worked out okay... it took about an hour and he had to put a bunch of stitches in the cuts, but I didn't feel much of anything thanks to the anaesthetic.

However it did mean that I had a set of very ugly stitches in my neck all week long.

Tuesday we set aside for our Christmas celebrations at The Nut House. So the day was mostly about eating and otherwise a total right off.

We started with Owl Girl and I putting together a morning tea for everyone. It was mostly the Christmas goodies from Sunday, along with batches of Ham Hearts and mince tarts. OG added cookies and a chocolate tart. Essentially we're two little old ladies who like to make things for people.

But everybody was very appreciative, and it was fun.

Then we had lunch ordered in... paid for by the money we put in the kitty for Casual Fridays each week.

And then at around 4pm we went down the street to the pub. Not the pub we usually go to, but this one is closer, and they don't have music playing while you're there trying to talk. The downside is that they don't have the specials of the other place. But we ate, we drank, we laughed, we were mildly inappropriate (conversation-wise)... and I think I had about half a dozen beers... I always lose count when other people start buying me alcohol.

At the end it was Rockchick, Sugarmonkey and me... and the major reason we left was that they were closing the bar at 9pm. So I just stumbled my butt home.

I think that was also the night that I dragged the mattress off by bed and slept under the air-conditioner. And I left the mattress in the living room for the rest of the week... there didn't seem a hell of a lot of point struggling to put it back on the bed every morning and dragging it back to the lounge each night.

Then Wednesday I had an appointment at the Ear Nose and Throat doctor, and he was much easier to understand than the last ENT I saw... plus he was within walking distance of work, which was good. At least now I can hear properly.

The remainder of the week was taken up with working more than I'd really like for this late in December. Clearly everybody remembered that one last thing they wanted to do before Christmas, and as a consequence we've been inundated with jobs.

Like I always say though, too much to do is better than not enough... I'd just a little less "to do" to do.

Thursday was haircut day... and we got a little... intense I guess is the right word.

There's a trend currently in men's hair for merman hair... essentially dying your hair all manner of bright unnatural colours... mostly in the blue, green or turquoise families. And I've been loving the photos that I've seen... so I brought it up with Tink a couple of haircuts ago and asked if she thought I could pull it off... and she's good about telling me when things are a bad idea.

So we got to plotting... and found Dare temporary hair colour, which happened to have two colours that sounded pretty much perfect... Dolphin Dreams (turquoise) and Mermaid Magic (bright blue)... so I bought both colours and this Thursday was D-Day... or possibly M-Day (for merman).

We started with a regular haircut, then bleached the ever loving bejeezus out of it until it was incredibly white. And somewhat resembled a tangled bird's nest.

Then it was time for colour... we alternated between the two colours, so it's not all one solid tone, there's some variation. Originally I was thinking about doing the bottom half blue and the top half turquoise, but changed my mind at the last minute.

But there is no mistaking that I have blue hair.

And I kind of love it... there are three main problems with it. Firstly I don't necessarily have exactly the right kind of hair, or even the volume of hair to make this work... so my hair currently has the texture of a bag of old straw (and my scalp got a little fried as well). Secondly I keep forgetting it's blue until I either catch someone looking at it or I have a sudden realisation that it's blue. And lastly... well, I think I discovered that I'm not necessarily the right kind of person to have hair that sticks out quite this much.

I'm not saying I regret doing it... okay, truth time... I kind of do, but I'm also going to see it though to it's conclusion... even if that takes the whole month until I see Tink again. But I don't think I'll repeat it, even though I have the majority of both bottles left. It might be that when it fades almost all the way out, I like it more... and if so, I might be tempted to do that again... but yeah, I don't think it's really as me as I was hoping for.

But we do these things... to ourselves... in the name of vanity and beauty.

The reaction from work was pretty much positive... H-San did a twenty minute stand up routine about it, but other than that, people seemed to like it, or else they were polite enough to say nothing at all.

On Friday I had a both a chiro appointment and a doctor's appointment, back to back. The chiro appointment was easy... but they'd moved my doctor's appointment slightly earlier and I just managed to make it in the few minutes I had between the two appointments. And then proceeded to sit in the waiting room until after the original time of my appointment. Seriously, what the hell.

It took a good long while to get all the stitches out of my neck... longer in fact than it took to put them in... or at least it felt longer.

After he was done poking me in the neck, I had a bit of a wander around the city... not really with any major destination in mind, but I found a couple of other things for Ma and then wandered off home.

Today was more about keeping out of the aforementioned 44°C heat than anything else. And because Ma was getting her hair did this morning, I went shopping on my own, which was fine... and I also bought some new shorts mostly because my current pair is on the way out, but also I'll save the new ones for Christmas (provided it doesn't end up not being shorts weather on the day).

And while I was looking in Target I had a call from the plumber... they came and did something to my shower the other week and totally ruined the pressure of the water. So I was getting an special Saturday visit from the plumber. I was expecting him at 10am, so I still had plenty of time, but then he called me to say he was essentially at my place while I wasn't. He said he'd come back in about fifteen minutes, so I got home literally just before he got there.

For once, the universe set me a very cute, young, slightly dopey (in that straight boy tradie kind of way) plumber who was wearing shorts with a tendency to sliding down... so I was quite happy about that. Unfortunately he was also pretty efficient in fixing the problem, so he wasn't around for very long.

But at least the shower is now fixed properly.

Then it was just a matter of waiting for Ma to turn up. When she did, we'd planned to go to the movies, mostly to keep Ma somewhere cool on this hottest of hot days.

The week before Christmas is a little bit of a wasteland when it comes to movies... and the movie I thought was out doesn't actually come out until Boxing Day.

So we went to see Star Wars instead.

Afterwards we got some lunch and wandered around the shops a bit, then headed back here.

Hopefully next week is a much quieter week.

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