happy new year 2016 international year or pulses
It's officially 2016! And also the rather unsexily themed International Year of Pulses. So unsexy in fact that I had to abandon my usual theme of finding an image of a hot guy that was at least partially related to the theme of the year and just go with something hot.

This year, New Years Eve was primarily about avoiding the heat. With a temperature that maxed out at 40.1°C, that meant essentially hermitting myself away in the living room with the air-conditioner on full blast. And that worked remarkably well.

I took the day off work as well, so I got all my tidying up done first thing in the morning... then after lunch I had a gentleman caller... well, I say caller, it was the only time in the whole day that I actually went out in the heat to pick him up and drop him off again (long story, don't ask). And it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

Then after he'd gone I sat down for another session of Lego Dimensions (the saddest part is that I'm nearly finished the main campaign, but I still have the Doctor Who and Portal 2 levels to do, as well as explore all the homeworlds I have access to) before cracking open a bottle of Rekorderlig Passionfruit cider and enjoying chicken with mango and tomato relish thanks to Past Me, who made enough the last time for there to be tasty leftovers in my freezer.

Normally I go with three movies on New Years Eve, but this year I stuck with two... but because I didn't actually get any DVDs at Christmas, I had to make to with stuff I already had... which turned out to be Ant-Man (interesting, but there's only so much I can like a film when the three main actors are all people I dislike) and Kingsman.

The early fireworks went off around 9pm and I watched a little of them, but my bedroom was just too damn hot to spend any time in (which is why I spent the last two nights sleeping on the floor of the living room), so I didn't see all that much of them.

And the movies wrapped up just short of midnight, and once again, I didn't watch all that much of the fireworks due to the heat... in fact I was in bed before they'd even finished the whole firework show.

So an incredibly low-key night all up.

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