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ma's presents - before, during and after
It's that time of the year again!

Well, it's been that time of the year for a little while now, but it's only when I come to wrap up Ma's presents that the fact that Christmas is pretty bloody immanent really hits me.

Yes, that's mostly because I only do it a couple of days before Christmas... but still.

And as always, the modus operandi is to wrap everything in tissue paper, tie it with a ribbon and fill up a box.

Thankfully I had just enough red, green and white tissue... although I did sub in a couple of pieces of silver, which I think saved my butt. And I've been recycling the same ribbons for the last five years... I didn't have to cut any new pieces this year.

This also has to be the last year I buy anything Olaf related... he's an easy buy because of Ma's love of all things snowman, but I ended up with three different things this year without realising it...
  • Summer Olaf Pop Vinyl
  • Disney Infinity Olaf
  • Itty Bittys plush Olaf
  • Harajuku Lovers Music perfume
  • Harajuku Lovers Love perfume (x2)
  • dec-ade 2016 calendar (and USB with iPhone wallpapers)
  • Moon Over Soho novel
  • From Up On Poppy Hill DVD
  • When Marnie Was There DVD
  • Square origami earrings
  • White paper crane earrings
  • Erstwilder lighthouse brooch
  • Follow Your Fate tee
  • Seagulls have the Phonebox tee
  • Lonely Spirit tee
  • The Shadow On The Moon tee
  • Haighs dark chocolate speckles
  • Haighs coffee pastilles
  • Cherry cranberry pistachio nougat 
There's also some of the old favourites in there... the calendar, the nougat, the perfume. I actually ended up with more stuff than I realised... partly because I'd forgotten about the t-shirts and the Olaf stuff. But Ma does a lot of me during the year, so it's nice to spoil her when I can.

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