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It seems a long, long, long time since last Sunday...

I started the day putting together the Lego Wall-E set and more time than I expected putting together all the ingredients for my salad during the week... I won't lie, making soup is about a million times easier. And my salad making is a much more ad-hoc affair than my soup ever was. I am attempting something slightly more structured this week though... somewhere between a Nicoise and a Caeser.

Anyway... the week was long and at more than one point frustrating as hell and seemed to be filled with a 900% increase in the number of emails I usually receive. Or just 900% less time to actually deal with them and get them out of my inbox.

Fortunately Friday arrived eventually, and we did blow off a little steam... and will be blowing off even more steam next Friday since we're going to the pub after work. So that'll be a thing.

Sadly we can't just invite the people we actually want and ignore the ones we collectively dislike... but hopefully they won't stick around too long, if they show up at all. Sadly it also means that it's only a week before H-San goes on a months leave... so that'll be a month where my life will get more complicated.

This morning I really should have gotten up earlier than I did and tidied the apartment... although to be truthful I really should have done it last night but couldn't be bothered. I still got it all done, I just have a sink full of dry dishes I need to put away.

The supermarket portion of the day was fairly standard... as was the usual unpacking once we got back to my place.

Even though I hadn't heard anything back from Galaxy Toys, we headed out there to see if they had my set of minifigs and how much the vintage toy guy was willing to give me for my fifteen year old Bionicle sets and a big bag of original Smurfs. Turns out that comes to a grant total of $50... not stellar, but it did mean that the whole set of Lego minifigs only cost me $22... or thereabouts, I don't actually remember to be honest.

From there we went into the city for some idle wandering... and I swear, the SS Crazy Mofo was clearly in port, and big buses had come to pick up all the crazy mofos from on board and brought them into the city. We are talking severely bat crap crazy. Maybe it was just all the Vitamin D making people nuts, I don't know. But they were out in force.

We didn't really do much, it was a definitive "aimless wandering" type excursion, but it was a nice day, crazy people notwithstanding, so the wandering was pleasant enough on it's own.

And that's it really... there were a couple of detours on the way back here, but nothing especially exciting.

Oh and I finally cleared a bunch of old shirts out of my wardrobe that haven't fit me in quite a while now, and made some much needed room. Good on the room, bad on the lack of fitting.

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