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I believe that, by any technical definition of the term, I am every so slightly hungover as fuck.

We went for drinks after work last night, partially to mourn the fact that H-San is headed off on leave at the end of next week and because we haven't had one since last May. And that is indeed a long time between drinks.

But backing up a little bit first...

Last Sunday was fairly successful, I ended up making the majority of the components for my pseudo Caeser Salad while I was tidying up in the morning, so there was really not a whole lot to do in the evening, which was good. And the salad itself was pretty successful, except for the fact that I kept forgetting to add the croutons.

The rest of the week was fairly m'eh... I spent a large amount of Monday in meetings, not all of which where in my calendar. So that made the day disappear pretty quickly, but also didn't let me do any actual work.

Thursday was interesting... and a little cryptic from a blog perspective... when you've been chasing something for quite a while, even if it's only in your own head, and then you get it in reality and it's 90-95% of what you expected, it's pretty worthwhile.

But coming back around to Friday... I left work at 4 because I had a chiro appointment, and even though I did that, then looped around to the pub, I was still the first one there, although H-San and Sugarmonkey weren't far behind me.

It did take a while for everyone to turn up, mostly because there are now too many of us to count... okay, not literally, but there are a lot of us. And that also meant that we had two tables reserved at the pub, but everyone still broke up into at least four groups at the beginning of the night, then as the lightweights faded out one by one we kind of came together until there were only two tables of us left.

And for a good long while it was just the old crew on one table and Hershel and her harem were on the other. But it was really lovely just having me, Sugarmonkey, H-San and Rockchick all together... and weirdly, even though Pixie is pretty new, she fits right in with the old crew like she's been around forever.

We had a great time, we talked a lot of trash, were more than a little bit appropriate, I drank essentially all the beer. In fact I don't even remember how much beer I ended up having.

Pixie and I were checking out all the available talent all night, the only problem was there really was a severe dearth of talent. So we ended up sounding just the littlest bit thirsty. And there were entirely too many drunk dudebros clogging up the place with their bro-ness. There was also a slightly weird incident as Pixie and Rockchick were leaving.

I was standing up and may have been having a big of a general dance around because the pub was pretty empty by this stage and there was music and I'd been drinking... but just after I stopped I saw a group of dudebros headed for the door, which was just next to me, and I saw the lead dudebro looking at me, and as he went past he reached out and smacked my ass. I have no idea what his intention was, beyond the fact that I'd been shaking it a minute before, and it was a backhand slap, so he wasn't trying to feel me up, it was just genuinely weird. I realised the perfect comeback like this morning when I was in the shower would have been "hey, buy a guy a drink first", but I think all I managed at the time was a rather confused "okay then".

Eventually the only two left were Sugarmonkey and myself. And when he went to get the next round (after at least two more rounds that I really didn't need), I looked at my phone and discovered that it was 11pm. I really have no idea how the hell that happened. But Sugarmonkey had to scull his beer and make a rather speedy exit in order to catch his bus, which left me to finish my beer, pee and then wander my drunk ass home.

By the time I did get home it was almost midnight so I pretty much just rolled straight into bed.

I realised the mistake of that at both 3am when I woke up with a mouth that felt like I'd chewed through my pillow in my sleep... so I got up, had a little water and went back to sleep, but when I finally woke up later I had a thumping headache and a definite whiff of hangover about my general person.

Thankfully Ma was getting her hair did this morning, so I only had my own schedule to keep... which weirdly meant that I organised earlier than I expected to be.

So I stuck my headphones on and wandered around the supermarket. I feel like I probably didn't get enough of the important stuff, but too much other general junk. I think I did okay though.

Once I was done, I headed into Target to pick up the new Lego Dimensions game... I've kind of been stalking EB Games on and off all week, and originally was intending to pick it up as soon as it dropped, but I didn't realise the Doctor Who set doesn't come out until November, and also that Target had it for a significantly lower price... but those two things fortunately conspired in my favour.

However in two separate instances in Target stores today the electronic departments haven't been staffed, and then I had to deal with other people.

But while I bought the base game without a problem, I could find the Portal 2 level set... of course when the base game has a portal in it, and you ask people who don't know anything about the Portal set, they have no idea what you're talking about.

I also picked up another Lego set since they had 30% off the Lego Movie sets. Yeah, I have no idea where the hell I'm going to put it either... but you know, it was another mech set (Metalbeard).

Then I rolled on home and dragged everything up the stairs. Ma turned up not that long after I'd finished unpacking and we chatted for a bit before heading into the city.

We stopped off at Flinders Street Market because I got the dates wrong on one of their events, so we just did a quick circuit and then headed over to Rundle Street.

Then we made the mistake of going into T2... well, I needed something to drink, and free tea, particularly free iced tea. I ended up buying a jug to make iced tea in... I probably could have found something cheaper elsewhere, but I liked the one they had. Plus because of all the tea I've bought, I actually had a $25 gift voucher on my card, so I used that, which brought the price right down.

Next stop was Target where I once again found nobody providing service in the electronics department, but then went to the front desk and made the electronics department come to me. But explaining the difference between a portal and Portal was significantly harder than it should have been. Dude, you work in that department, you're wearing a fucking Lego Dimensions t-shirt, do some fucking product research.

Anyway, he has allegedly put me down for a raincheck on the Portal 2 level set. I may need to check that during the week.

From there we really just did a general wander again. I wasn't in much of a mood for doing anything too enthusiastic so we wandered, had a proper drink and then headed back to the car.

Then there was just some general back and forth and Ma headed off home.

So, yeah... all I can really say is that I'm glad that this is a long weekend and I have an extra day to goof off. Of course it would be preferable if it wasn't going to be really damn hot all weekend, but we're on that long horrible slide to the heat of Summer, so there's not a whole lot to do about it.

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