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I think it's felt like the week has been more hectic than it actually has been. Work continues in general craziness... but this week there has been a long laundry list of things that have taken me away from my usual work. I will say this for spending the whole day incredibly busy though... it does make the week go quickly.

But rewinding to last Saturday briefly... I wasn't exactly sure how long I was going to stay but as it turns out the answer to that was pretty damn late. Essentially I was one of the last one of The Nuthouse to leave. The only thing I really wish is that a) I was able to do the "fashionably late" concept... but I can't, so I was the first work person there... and b) that I'd rethought the outfit I wore. Not that it was bad, I just should have worn something thinner or gone with layers, because I ended up being fairly warm the whole night. On the upside, Sugarmonkey knew the wine I bought him, and liked it, so that's always a relief. It was also interesting watching the people I work with while some of them were drinking but I really wasn't. I had a couple of beers when I got there, but that was it. Nobody got really messy or anything, but it was still interesting to watch.

Sunday's regularly scheduled soup cooking worked out really well... but I feel like that's always going to be the case with potato soup. Okay, technically this was potato, leek, celeriac, corn, salami (in place of bacon), cheese, cream and dill. Too damn tasty, although I did make about about 300 litres of it, so I gave a couple of containers to Ma.

I also realised halfway through the week that making a nice thick potato soup (although to be honest it ended up more as potato chowder) like that and adding tuna to it would essentially gives you instant tuna mornay.

Then once the week started I ended up spending quite a bit of money on things that won't happen for several months...

I discovered that not only is Stephen Fry coming out to Australia in November, but he's coming to Adelaide to speak at an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in South Australia. And seriously, I wouldn't have cared what he was coming to talk about, I would still be at the front of the line to go see him. Sadly, we're actually going to be several rows back, but still much closer than either of the other times we've seen him live.

Later in the week I discovered that the folks responsible for certainly the strangest of all the podcasts I listen to, Welcome To Night Vale are bringing their live show down under next February. So there was no way that I was going to miss that either. Trying to book the tickets was a little more complicated than it should have been, but I managed eventually, and for some reason the ticketing gods were on my side, as I got front row tickets. Granted I'm not sure I need front row tickets for this particular style of show, but who am I to complain.

The LEGO Ideas Wall-E set also came out this week, so I called Toy Corner and got them to put one aside for me... more on that shortly.

So, finally Saturday rolled around again, and fortunately I'd already done most of the tidying up and all I needed to do was change my bedding. When Ma got here we headed off to the supermarket.

I'm essentially winging the soup this week... it's going to be fennel, celeriac, celery, some dill and whatever else strikes my fancy as I put things together tomorrow.

We had a bit of a wander around, and then headed back here to unpack.

Then it was off to Toy Corner... it's not a bad drive, and it was a quick visit since all I needed to do was pick up the Wall-E set.

From there we kind of took the scenic route over to Tea Tree Plaza just for a general wander around since we were in the neighbourhood. And while I've been slightly mocking this whole "colouring in books for grown-ups" trend that's happening right now, I did find one with some really great Japanese images and ended up buying it. I mean I have a full set of Derwent pencils that are just sitting there, I may as well use them.

We'll see how long that lasts...

Today ended up being a little bit about the scenic routes... we wanted to stop at Spotlight, which meant a little detour, and then taking the more scenic (or at the very least, the road much less travelled) way back to my place.

And that was it really...

Oh, after the apartment downstairs has been vacant for at least a month, I have a new neighbour as of this afternoon. It's a bit of a rude welcome for him though since the neighbours over the back are doing the semi-irregular thing where they sit around, talk loudly and drink.

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