lego minifigures series 14 (monsters)

lego minifigures series 14
Lego are taking a different tack with Series 14 of their collectible minifigures... they're going with a theme... and the theme is Monsters.

I've been waiting a while now for this group photo to show up... they released all the individual portraits, but weirdly, not the group shot.

But here's the cast of the Monster Mash...
  • Banshee
  • Skeleton Guy
  • Monster Scientist
  • Fly Monster
  • Square Foot
  • Tiger Woman
  • Wolf Guy
  • Specter
  • Plant Monster
  • Zombie Cheerleader
  • Zombie Pirate
  • Gargoyle
  • Monster Rocker
  • Wacky Witch
  • Zombie Businessman
  • Spider Lady

And I have to say that my favourites this time around are Square Foot (ie Big Foot), the Zombie Cheerleader and I kind of have a soft spot for the Gargoyle. I also totally appreciate that the Wolf Guy is wearing the same shirt as the Lumberjack from Series 5... so clearly he either had a secret or else he's had a little accident between Series 5 and 14. Whereas the Zombie Pirate initially looked the same as the Pirate Captain from Series 8, on closer inspection is more of a reuse of parts (with the Prospector's beard from Series 12.

The hair sculpt for the Zombie Businessman is pretty cool though, I'd like to see it in different colours. And speaking of parts, the "liquid" leg sculpt for both the Banshee and Specter looks all kinds of awesome, I just hope it holds up in the flesh (as it were). Although of the two I prefer the Banshee.

I'm a little disappointed in the Tiger Woman and the Monster Scientist... she just feels like she doesn't really fit in with the rest of the set and he's a little too over-the-top.

I hope they don't decide to make themed series a thing though... I would much rather get a range of characters than be constrained by a theme.

Oh, and as usual, White Fang over at Eurobricks has done a review of the whole series.

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