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This week has been really, really busy. But on the up side, while I might not have had quite enough week to get absolutely everything done, it did mean that the week went incredibly quickly.

And I was also very thankful to have Newbie taking over a lot of the simple stuff to let me concentrate on the other stuff... she's still no Pixie, and sometimes the questions she asks just confuse the living crap out of me... but she had just ploughed on through the job list doing whatever she can.

But, yeah, mostly I didn't really have time to scratch my butt all week. That's a slight exaggeration, but there were definitely moments where it was true.

My soup this week was a complete and total success! The Indian Mulligatawny soup was so full of flavour it was ridiculous. And while I did my usual trick of an on-the-fly reinterpretation of the recipe... in this case adding much, much more vegetable content beyond the single carrot, plus I doubled all the quantities... it was brilliant. Spicy and hot to be sure, and I'm pretty sure I filled the whole office up with tasty Indian flavours, it was definitely something I would do again... even if I only make use of the spice mixture to flavour a chicken soup or something.

Thursday was also Haircut Night... so I took myself off to Tink's place. I may have gone a little too far in the development of this particular haircut though... I realised after the last one that the two shaved sides weren't actually even, although not necessarily a problem because of the way I wear it. But the lower side is the bit that regularly gives me trouble when I go to fix my hair in the morning... so that bit is now gone... but now I worry that I actually took it too far. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad... it's just a little more extreme, and I haven't quite got the hang of styling it yet.

Beyond that, we had the usual general chat, which turned into a little bit of a soapbox rant for me when we got onto the subjects of internet piracy, GST on overseas internet purchases and Target's range of clothing for the larger gentleman.

Speaking of rants... The Network Ten sibling channel Eleven decided to pull So You Think You Can Dance from Friday nights without a word of warning... I'm guessing that the ratings weren't great and they've now moved it to Saturday afternoon... or rather just made the Saturday repeat the only version.

Fuck that shit... and seriously, people wonder why Australian's pirate the most teevee shows in the world. This is why, when the networks pull this crap.

Ma was getting her hair did this morning (and as it turned out, cut and coloured which always takes forever) so I was on my own. And thankfully Ma did take longer than usual, because I was a little tardy in getting myself organised. Not horribly, but I was generally just running later.

Fortunately shopping on my own always takes less time than shopping with Ma, so by the time I was done I was all caught up.

I'm going with a revisit to the potato, bacon and leek soup this week, although I'm going to add some celeriac, which I haven't used before, and some smoked garlic, which I also haven't used, but which smells A-MAH-ZING!

Then I came back here, put stuff away, did some tidying up and pottered about a bit until Ma arrived.

After we were all caught up on SYTYCD news we headed into the city so that I could pick up some stuff for Sugarmonkey's birthday party tonight. Yes, shockingly, I'm going to a social engagement... granted it's mostly because quite a few of the people will be work people.

Anyway, I had a couple of ideas, which were most easily served at the Central Market, and ended up doing both, because you don't turn 40 all the time.

Once we'd done those couple of errands we had a bit of a wander around the markets, dodging the seemingly neverending stream of inconsiderate people who stop in the middle of already restricted walkways. On the up side, it's been quite a while since I actually set foot in the markets, so I got to visit all my favourite places and buy things I've been buying since Lownee and I used to go to the markets in the late Jurassic period.

What I couldn't find anywhere was one of the matcha green tea bamboo whisks... so I came home and ordered one on eBay... granted I'll have to wait to get it delivered, but it saves me having to go all over everywhere looking for one.

And that was about it really... Ma also has plans tonight, and a birthday to go to no less which is weird, so she didn't want to stay too late.

But now I have to go and get ready and work out what the hell to wear to this party...

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