post new year shopping adventures

happy nude year shopping
All the fun and games are over and it's back to the old routine...

Well, with the odd difference or two, just to keep things interesting.

Because it was so damn hot overnight, I decided against sleeping in the bedroom and instead dragged my mattress into the lounge and slept directly under the air-conditioner. Pure bliss.

And because I'd had the bathroom shut up for about 24 hours, it was a little bit of a dramatic shift when I first opened the door. Plus I could not only strongly smell the wood smoke from all the bushfires happening around the state, but when I looked out of the window, the city was wreathed in smoke.

Once I put the bed back together I pottered around a bit, got ready and headed downstairs just as Ma rocked up.

Shopping was relatively average... but I had to actively remind myself that I needed to get stuff to see me through the week for lunches... not to mention dinners.

We also did the usual trawl through whatever was left of the post-Christmas bargains... which get worse as time goes on, but occasionally you find a diamond in the rough.

Once we got back here, we did the usual guff, and soaked up the air-conditioning before we headed back out to Arndale.

The only thing I really wanted to do was check Big W for the Lego set I was interested in.... but it turned out that they only had one, and the box was dinged up, plus it was back at full price. Plus it was a little bit of a whim, so we'll just see what happens.

Other than that we mostly just took a wander through Arndale on our way to the cinema.

And that was about it really... we did a tiny bit more wandering once we were finished at the movies, and grabbed some food, but then we headed back here just in time for the arrival of the "cool change"... don't get me wrong, it is cooler, but the wind could have wind could have stuck around a little longer.

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