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bayside 58cblue and white stripes
First off, can we just talk about the Oscars for a second. Now normally I don't give two hoots about the Academy Awards, for a while now it's been predominantly made up of a) movies that I have absolutely no interest in (those are usually the ones that end up winning) or b) movies I've already seen.

But the nominations came out today, and there was a glaring omission in the Best Animated Feature Film. There was no Lego Movie. I don't necessarily disagree with any of the other nominations, even The Song of the Sea, which I hadn't heard of until today, has a good pedigree, since I enjoyed The Secret of Kells quite a lot. Maybe The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a little overhyped (I will put the caveat out there that I wasn't 100% when we saw the movie, but like a lot of Ghibli movies, I did find myself falling asleep). And The Boxtrolls was on my top movie list this year, plus HTTYD2 got an honourable mention.

It's the total omission of The Lego Movie that I don't understand. Although as the movie's director, Phil Lord, said on Twitter earlier today:
He's right, but it does reinforce my view that the Oscars are essentially inconsequential... at least as far as I'm concerned.

Work is all manner of Crazy Town at present...we're nearing the launch date of the major project we've been working on since before I came back, and there's slightly more work than there is time left and it's making everyone a tiny bit nuts. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff that's left are things that we're relying on other, external people to do, so that's always a little bit more stressful.

Fortunately my main task isn't part of that project, so while my direct stresses are a lot lower than the rest of The Nut House, there was something in the air, especially earlier this week, that just put everyone, myself included on edge.

Especially because I had a couple of people requesting a large number of jobs, a number of which were annoying, and one of which made NO sense as written.

So, yeah, I might have had a tiny meltdown a couple of times. Fortunately things calmed down for me around Wednesday.

Next week is going to be... interesting to say the least. Next week's Friday post could very well just be a random assortment of vowel sounds and animal noises.

I also had my first chiro appointment of the year this morning... and while I'd been fine over the Christmas break for the most part, it was still good to have the tune up, even if it did leave me a little bit winded. And I've been getting her to check my elbow each time I've gone in, since she helped me get it in the right place, and continued to ensure it wasn't out of whack since. But today when she checked it, she pronounced it pretty much all better and not in need of a cracking. Which is definitely a relief because having her crack my elbow was always a slightly nerve-wracking thing.

But yay for something that has actually stopped being busted on my body.

Speaking of "on my body" (and a somewhat TMI conversation at that)... I'm not completely convinced about the Andrew Christian underwear I wore today.

As I said last week I think, I bought a bunch of underwear, most of which ended up being jockstraps... but there was one pair of trunks. Turned out when I looked at them more closely, while they were in fact trunks, they just happened to be trunks without a front pouch. They were interesting to wear, except I couldn't every quite forget that... and excuse the TMI... my junk was just hanging out the front of my underwear. I think they may get moved to the "weekend" underwear category.

On a completely unrelated topic... tomorrow is Espionage Gallery's Follow The White Rabbit show in Rymill Park from 10am til 6pm... come along and check out the Alice in Wonderland inspired goodness.

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