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follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - signfollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - pondering rabbit
Today mostly revolved around the Follow the White Rabbit art show put on by Espionage Gallery on the island in the Rymill Park.

And it really couldn't have been in a better spot... I didn't even realise that there's a statue of Alice that sits on the hill at the top of the park, and she kept a watchful eye over the exhibition.

Plus the weather was much more conducive to looking at art, especially given that the island is well shaded with big trees.

follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - alicefollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - eat me drink me
We started off the day with the usual supermarket wanderings... although I somehow managed to forget to pick up my wallet before we left the house both times. I still had some cash on me, but once that was gone, I was skint.

We also finally got around to taking some of our Christmas goodies to our regular check-out girlie. And essentially the look on her face when Ma gave them to her was more than enough.

Somehow we also got talking about the Fringe while we were at her register, and I really should have little cards printed up that say "you can ask me about the Fringe, but you do so at your own risk, because once I get started you may not be able to shut me the hell up". But she wrote down a couple of my suggestions (Gravity and Other Myths and Sound and Fury), so if nothing else, maybe I've sold another couple of tickets to acts I really love.

follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - the bridge to wonderlandfollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - her majesty
Once we'd come back and done the usual unpacking (and I still forgot to pick up my wallet), we headed out to Rymill Park for the exhibition.

Because Espionage worked in conjunction with Splash Adelaide to set up the exhibition, a little like the Ghibli exhibition, there were all manner of other stalls around the lake, and most of them fitting in with the Alice theme, including what I can only describe as a Mad Hatter stall (I wish I'd gotten a good photo of the "hatter", he was definitely a sight to see).

The island looked great... it's not a huge space, but the tree trunks were full of artwork and there was a table all set for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Now, I will admit that Alice isn't really in, as they say, my wheelhouse. When I finally got around to reading the book a few years back (around the time I got my first iPhone actually), and she is the MOST annoying character I've read in a good long while.

And a little like the last Alice inspired show, the fact that Alice is a story about a girl, and most of the additional characters are either women or else animals doesn't always lead to artwork that appeals to me.

But then I saw the artwork by Tsunami Hee Ja...

a very happy unvalentine's day to you (detail) by tsumani hee ja
Sure, they're anthropomorphic boys, but they're boys...

Plus it's an artist that was on my list since I saw her Catwoman work at the Batman show last year... and I will admit that I was especially taken with the March Hare in the middle for some reason.

So now it's mine and I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - pink and purple chessfollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - one wonky flamingo
There were also all manner of chess pieces with little numbers spread around the island... I couldn't work out what in the world they were for, but it turned out to be something to do with Chesslife, who also had a range of chess sets laid out with all the other stalls.

I'm not sure they'd thought out their plan all that well. You found a queen (they were all queen pieces), took it to them, they recorded the number and then you could either take the queen or rehide it for someone else to find.

So, it was hide and seek, but your prize was essentially the plastic chess piece. Weird, but I found one anyway, and now it's sitting on my "black and white" shelf with all my other black and white things.

follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - a very alice dressfollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - rymill rowboats
Once we'd finished in Wonderland, we had a mostly fruitless wander up Rundle Street, and then up the Mall.

It's very odd, it seems that no where has their post-Christmas stock of Lego sets on the shelves. I don't know if the sets just aren't out yet or what, but it's very, very meagre pickings everywhere I've looked.

Anyway, once we'd had a wander, we headed back to Rundle Street to have some lunch at Burger Theory and check out the Burger of the Month... the Jambalaya Burger chock full of Cajun spices.

follow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - a little bit alice, a little bit heathersfollow the white rabbit by espionage gallery - no flamingo mallets in this game
As always, the BotM was delicious, but it made me think about (and miss) the pulled pork bun that they used to do at Pearl's Diner before it closed. I fucking LOVED that bun.

Once we were done we wandered back past the exhibition again... I don't know if they're going to get the extraordinary numbers they got to the Ghibli exhibition (partly because I feel like there wasn't as much social media chatter about the exhibition beforehand, but also because it's the middle of January and there are a ton of other things to go and do, whereas last time it was July, which is something of a quiet time of year). But I look forward to being surprised when I go and pick up my artwork tomorrow.

But I can't wait until the next one!

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