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I was right... this week was The Bananas.

We finished a major project... kind of. Let's say we finished it in principal, but there were a half a billion little things that either didn't get taken care of or were new and exciting things that broke once we launched.

And finally moving over to the new system means that the majority of my work is now in a completely new system that I haven't had a lot of experience in... whereas I've been using the old system my entire time here. So that's a whole adjustment thing... and I hate floundering around not knowing what the hell I'm doing.

I did have a little bit of a minor meltdown on Thursday when we launched and everybody else had gone to the stupid launch event and I was just a wee bit overwhelmed. Fortunately it didn't last long, and although the last few days haven't been easy, we've all managed to both keep a sense of humour as well as the majority of whatever sanity we had at the beginning of the week.

Of course, H-San has also taken to playing "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie at high volume from his office at both opportune and also completely random moments. It also helps that I pretty much know all the words. However, when he decided to play "Let it go" from Frozen, I closed his office door on him. There are lines.

Some time back, Sugarmonkey at work recommended the Saga comic book series to me, and I finally got around to picking up the graphic novels on New Years Eve. I started ready them a couple of days ago, and I fucking LOVE them! It's not really surprising, since I loved the last thing that Sugarmonkey recommended by Brian K Vaughan, Y: The Last Man... which is completely different to Saga, but equally weird and brilliant.

I've continued digging through my family tree thanks to I thought I mentioned it last week, I know I tweeted about it recently, but maybe I only mentioned it a while back. But I've so far managed to go back as far as a number of my 7th great grandparents (all on Ma's side of the family), and have found myself back in about 1640. I have no idea how accurate some of the records I'm seeing that far back are, but I did give up on one particular family branch when I noticed that the particular ancestor's mother died three years before he was born. I think maybe there's a boo boo in there somewhere. But I've found Ashursts and Athertons, Boyds and Cundleys, Foggs, Gerrards, Gorses, Hills, Hunters and Longbottoms, Marshalls and Peningtons, Pierpoints and Rimmers, Stephensons, Twists, Whitehouses, Worsleys and Yates. Sadly that's all on my grandmother's side, my grandfather's side falls away pretty damn quickly thanks to child born out of wedlock.

I think I've potentially run out of family tree branches, at least when it comes to people in my direct bloodline... without digging into siblings and their partners and suchlike.

One thing that doesn't surprise me in the least, although at the same time is slightly interesting is that from what I saw, my bloodline a) bred a fucking hell of a lot and b) didn't move out of the same half dozen villages until the early 1700's in one branch where the line suddenly relocates from Scotland.


I've had a few too many late nights this week, so I should take myself off to bed.

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