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lego chima legend beast lion - the last boxlego chima legend beast lion - laval and the lion
Up until a couple of weeks before Christmas I'd actually forgotten that the Lego Chima Legend Beast Lion set was waiting for me under Ma's tree, but then I was moving some things around on my bookcase and suddenly remembered (thanks brain for spoiling that semi-surprise).

The set has been sitting on my shelf since Christmas waiting to be put together, and I felt inspired this morning.

I also decided to try sticking a large sheet of coloured card to the wall behind the little table I use to put these sets together. I'm not completely sure how well it worked overall, I think it might have thrown the colour off a little. But it was an interesting experiment.

lego chima legend beast lion - the usual suspectslego chima legend beast lion - knolling the living daylights out of this thing
I kind of took the knolling to a whole different level this time around...although as always, it's not until I'm finished that I remember that I should have done it the other way around so that the picture looks right...

lego chima legend beast lion - laval and his giant ass swordlego chima legend beast lion - what do you call a legless lion
This set comes with the Laval minifigure, and like all the rest of the figures he comes with a gigantically oversized weapon (and a transparent blue shield).

In a lot of ways the build for the lion wasn't all that different from the build on the wolf... although interestingly the ball and socket joints are reversed from the wolf.

lego chima legend beast lion - back legslego chima legend beast lion - big butch front legs
And the sets also show off the differences between the wolf and lion body shapes when it comes to the legs... the wolf has much less beefy legs, whereas the lion's front legs especially are quite chunky towards the shoulder.

I also like the "armour" details on the shoulders, both with the grey bricks and the discs.

lego chima legend beast lion - four cute little tootsieslego chima legend beast lion - headless lion ready for pouncing
Other than the fact that the wolf has stickers on his feet, the two sets have exactly the same design for the feet, which makes sense.

I will say that I found it much harder to get this model to balance properly on all four paws. But I did like like this pose, even though the model was still headless, because it felt very cat/lion-y.

lego chima legend beast lion - alas poor lion, i knew him lavallego chima legend beast lion - big strong kitty, ready for hunting
I'm not sure exactly what my issue is with the head build on this model, but something just doesn't feel right... maybe it's the square nose, maybe it's the way the mane sits, I'm not sure. I will admit that it looks slightly better once it's on the rest of the model, especially with the whole crouching cat pose.

lego chima legend beast eagle - perching proudlego chima legend beast wolf - finished modellego chima legend beast gorilla - gorilla smashlego chima legend beast crocodile - cragger and the beast
Click above to see the posts for the other four sets

But five sets later, this is the end of the Lego Chima Legend Beast sets, they've been fun to build and I hope they come up with some other designs... I'd especially love to see a rhino, a bat, a tiger (yeah, I know, it would be pretty much the same as the lion and the wolf, but I have a tiger thing) and a mammoth.

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