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This just feels weird... with Christmas and New Years being so close to the end of their respective weeks, I haven't actually written a Photo Friday post for three weeks.

Even so I think I managed to cover most of everything that went on during that time in other posts, so we can start fresh with this week. In a lot of ways this week has felt a little bit like a comedy piss-take on a regular week. First we had the weather, which went from hot to very hot and humid to so humid I wanted to slap somebody to cloud and 22.

It got so hot and humid and horrible in fact that I spent two nights sleeping on my living room floor directly under the air-conditioner. Technically it's no drama at all to drag the giant mattress out, but I may still take a look at inflatable mattresses (although I'm guessing the pain in the ass that is inflating them outweighs the benefit of them being easy to move around the place).

Then work started at the rather low-keyness that had characterised the Christmas holidays at the beginning of the week, and then Wednesday everybody remembered that they were actually back at work and hence all decided to send us things at the same time. And yes, after the last couple of weeks, while I would MUCH rather be busy than twiddling my thumbs, it would have been nice to slightly ease into it a little more.

Tuesday was my first Housiversary (well technically Apartmentiversary, but that looks stupid)! It quite literally feels like I've been there for about five minutes, but at the same time I've settled nicely into my groove. Thankfully I don't need to worry about the whole lease thing for another month, since my initial lease was for thirteen months. Hopefully I can talk them into a 25 month lease, or maybe like a 37 month lease. We'll see what happens.

I also dived back into the world of Assassin's Creed over the last couple of weeks, thanks to the copy of Black Flag I got for Christmas. I intend to do a full review later once I've finished it, but I can see why people had good things to say about it when it came out. They definitely threw out a bunch of the stuff that didn't work at all in the previous game and it feels like they've gone back to some of the earlier games to find some inspiration. Granted, the fact that I'm something of a completionist means that at around the half way mark some of the non-story things are feeling slightly monotonous, but I'm still excited to dig back in again.

And I've very much been tempted this week by the slightly cheaper price of the PS4, as well as the Unity game... so far I've resisted since it is a bit of a chunk of change to lay down, but it does keep popping up in my brain.

But on a slightly related note (only because if I don't have a job then I don't have any money and I can't buy all the nice things), all of the contractors in The Nut House (who outnumber the permanent staff about 2 to 1 I think) have been extended until the end of February from the end of January so that La Ninj can do the paperwork to extend us until the end of the year. And yes, I know I've been down this particular path before and it ended in some degree of frustration, but you know, living in hope and all that.

In completely unrelated news I finally got around to start watching Arrow this week... And there is some small element of forcing myself through these early episodes because I know eventually I'll be rewarded by Colton Haynes in tight red leather... but holy crap some of this first season is crap. The whole best friend/ex-girlfriend storyline I could happily live without, and the show seems to have more than its fair share of dialogue that no human person should really be uttering.

Also unrelated, I succumbed to the retail itch that's been rolling around in the back of my head for a few weeks to buy a Nerf gun... not because I have any great need for one, but I have been looking at websites where they repaint the guns and I was slightly inspired. Whether it'll get that far or not, I don't know, but either way, I do like the design of the gun (which is weird because I'm generally not a gun person).

I also got not only my Instagram calendar (which looks great as usual, although I was a little disappointed to see that they've gone from being delivered in a really nice sturdy box to something that seems a little more "temporary", especially as I use the box to collect the pages as I take them off the calendar) this week and the poster print I got for Ma for Christmas (only two weeks late), but also my most recent purchase of underwear from Andrew Christian.

I didn't realise until they arrived, but the underwear is essentially all jockstraps, or at least ass-less in one way or another. It does mean that I really need to sort through my drawer full of jockstraps and throw some of the less comfortable ones (and perhaps the ones that aren't holding up as well) away. But given that I've worn nothing but Andrew Christian underwear for the last three weeks, I have to say I'm impressed with their products overall... especially the way the pouches fit, but also that the fabric and elastic are generally comfortable and don't tend to dig in or pinch like other brands can. Whether they'll be long lasting I can't say yet, since I only bought my first pair a couple of months back, but overall they seem to be doing okay.

Oh, and anybody viewing this on my blog may have noticed that the mood icon images, as well as my link icons up at the top of the banner have all disappeared... I think possibly when the ISP servers melted out in Perth, maybe somehow it took some of my data with it? I don't know to be honest, and I need to contact my ISP to get them to talk me through FTP'ing into my web space, since it no longer works on my new computer... but I'm lazy and it's not a huge priority, but I will get there.

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