warm and fuzzy saturday shopping

I wouldn't say that I was hungover when I woke up this morning, but I was perhaps a little fuzzy around the edges.

I also had to face the detritus of last night, which I abandoned in favour of heading to bed. But half an episode of The West Wing and the kitchen was tidy again.

Once Ma arrived we headed off to the supermarket for the usual wanderings... for some reason it was a bit of a bumper shop and I think the hot weather brought more of the oldies out to do their shopping early than usual because the place was fuller than usual.

I caved in and bought one of the cheap $12 fans at Target... at least until I can make a decision about something else, or until the January sales roll around and I can see what's on offer then.

Once we got back here and I'd unpacked everything, we sat down and went through the Fringe shortlist and then went through the program to see what else I may have missed out on. And we actually found a couple of interesting sounding things. The list currently stands at 17 items, but I need to relook at the handful of shows I'm going to by myself, just to make sure they're all up to snuff.

Then we headed into the city and had a wander up and down the mall, stopping off at the Stop in the Name of Art display... I can't for the life of me remember the name of the guy who set it up, but I chatted with him for a bit, even flashed my Cameron Brideoake tattoo at him and generally had some art geekery moments. Weirdly I feel like we should have (or have and I just don't remember) crossed paths already. He spent time at Espionage Gallery, and when I first saw then, the artworks selected did make me wonder if Josh was involved.

But it's an interesting experiment and if you run into the display, stop and have a chat and give them your opinion.

We didn't really do any shopping, or even look in any shops since we were mostly killing time until we needed to head to the movies.

For an animated movie, and a Studio Ghibli movie as well it was surprisingly long at 137 minutes... so we didn't get out until about 3:45 which gave us just enough time to grab a late lunch at Burger Theory before the car park ticket ran out.

And now I'm just enjoying the coolness of the airconditioner while I hang out and mentally prepare myself to do something I haven't done in a good long while.

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