three part saturday with hair adventures

This is something of a story in three parts...

Well, not exactly, but I didn't bother with a Friday post yesterday because there really wasn't anything of major note that happened last week... I worked all the regular amount, did all the regular things, but nothing much that was actually interesting. So, nominally that's the first part.

This morning was likewise fairly average, although I was running a little late so Ma called me to see where I was while I was doing up my shoes. So I tied my shoes, dragged my broken fan downstairs, and we headed off to the supermarket.

We did the regular thing, and I happened to randomly find the Christmas flavoured Chapstick packs that I was looking for like two years ago and never found... and they show up in a completely different place. So I bought them... they'll make nice stocking stuffers.

Then we poked around Target and Ma found a Christmas tee shirt that wasn't tacky and hideous (it is shiny though, but you can't have everything) and I found a new pair of jeans that fit slightly better than my current jeans and aren't quite so dark.

Cue the returning montage and the usual lugging of shopping bags up numerous flights of stairs.

Given that my pedestal fan died this week... well actually it might be the opposite of died, since the speed knob came off and I couldn't actually turn it off... so less not working, more unable to stop working. Either way... it's all fucked and I need a new one.

But there's a choice to be made, and I have this issue where I'm both cheap but I also don't want another crappy fan that only lasts a couple of years before it dies, or less time than that where it isn't as powerful as it was when I first got it. Also, I hate the fact they get covered in dust.

So essentially my brain is majorly fixated on the Dyson fans. But I also can't justify spending $500 on a fan. Although it does tick all the boxes that I'm looking for other than the pricepoint.

Which, of course, leads to total mental lock-up. And which means that I didn't buy a fan today.

We wandered around The Good Guys, looked at fans, then browsed fridges, for no real reason other than I keep thinking mine is a little small for my purposes... however the ones that are bigger than what I have now but not stupidly too big for me weirdly don't have much more actual fridge room.

Then we gave up and headed into the city.

Ma had a couple of Christmas things she wanted to pick up, I had a couple of errands I wanted to run, but essentially we walked from the end of Rundle Street, to the Hindley Street end of the Mall and back again.

We got all the bits and pieces we were after and then headed back down Rundle Street and had lunch at Burger Theory. I always enjoy their Burger of the Month selections, sometimes more than others, but this month's offering, the Asian inspired Char Sui burger was fantastic... it was like Chinese food and a burger had a lovechild... a tasty, tasty lovechild.

After lunch we had a bit of a detour back up the Mall as I keep thinking I should call into the art supply store and see what they have in the way of really big sheets of cardboard.

The idea that's been tickling away in my back brain since I moved in here in January is that since I have the space now, I wanted a Christmas tree... but not a normal tree... something cute and design-y and also something that folds down to nothing to make storage easy for the rest of the year.

But it has to be a decent size... hence wanting to look in the art supply store for corrugated cardboard.

What I found was one better... bright green corrugated plastic. They were a little pricier than I was originally intending, but if I treat them right then it'll probably a) stand up better than cardboard and b) last longer and store better.

Then we headed back here and, between the rainstorms that had been threatening to drop all day, I sent Ma on her merry way home. Thus endeth part two of the day.

And part three is the fact that today, or more accurately this evening, was Haircut Day.

So when the usual time rolled around I took myself off to see Tink.

The haircut portion of the evening was the same as always, shorter and blonder, but we had a good long chat about all manner of stuff. And interestingly at the end of the evening she said that she always finds out something she didn't know before when she sees me... and clearly she's been telling her sister a number of those things, because her sister has previously asked her if I was the one to tell her that particular tidbit.

Plus she'd been having something of a shitty week, and I made her smile and left her feeling better than when I got there, so that's not much more you can ask for than that.

Thus endeth today...

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