unfurling santa's naughty list saturday

naughty list
There's that point in the year when it's officially okay to start looking at Christmas decorations and starting to buy Christmas presents... and here in Adelaide, we call that point the Christmas Pageant.

Okay, that's actually all a big lie, but it was the Pageant today and we did make the first real foray into Christmas shopping.

My apartment was pretty stuffy when I woke up this morning so I got up fairly early, opened the place up and generally tidied up.

Because I was running way ahead of time I ended up downstairs way before Ma arrived,  but it was cooler outside so I didn't mind so much.

The supermarket was about average, although when we were there last week we mentioned the Chicken with Tomato and Mango relish recipe to our regular Checkout Girly, so Ma had printed it out to give it to her... which then also made me want to make it, so I've got all the fixings.

Since the Pageant was going on in the city, after we came back here and did all the usual unpacking, we decided to head down to Marion and have a wander around, possibly make some headway on Ma's predominately non-existent Christmas shopping list.

Of course we ended up buying more stuff for ourselves and each other, although we did make a breakthrough regarding Miss Oh's present, so at least that's something.

The second batch of the new Disney Infinity figures appeared this week, including my all-time favourite Disney character, Stitch. I think I said this last time, but they really are amazingly detailed both in terms of the sculpt and the paint jobs. And the Stitch sculpt is especially cute as he's in the midst of destroying some sand castles.

We also found these great Christmas storage containers in Big W, which are shaped like giant gingerbread men (they also had a tree, but it wasn't as nice). It'll be useful at Christmas to take goodies into work, and probably also to store Christmas leftovers of the non-fridge variety. It also looks good just leaning up against my artwork under the window. Oh and I bought a giant jingle bell from David Jones... no idea what the hell I'm going to do with it, but it is gorgeous, and it was pretty cheap.

As usual we did a loop from one end of the mall to the other and back again, poking around all manner of shops. We don't go to Marion all that much any more, and while there's mostly the same shops there as there is everywhere else, there's a few different things to keep it interesting.

Midway through we stopped off for a quick bite to eat, and then once we were done we took a detour over to Bunnings to pick up yet more Command hooks to finish up my gallery wall.

Hopefully all of our Christmas shopping will be as easy as today.

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