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The week in review...

  • I got woken up at 4:45am on Sunday when my douchebag "backfence" neighbours decided that it was an appropriate time to play loud music, sing tunelessly and talk loudly in the yard. Once I summoned up the energy to actually reach for my phone, the police were called. The music stopped shortly thereafter however the talking waxed and waned.
  • The only upside to that was I got up nice and early and then spent from about 7:30am until 2:30pm cleaning the house and tidying things up for my rental inspection. Not that the apartment needed THAT much cleaning, it's more an excuse to do things I don't normally do, put things away that have been hanging around for weeks and throw away things I honestly don't need. And everything looks great.
  • And I did all of it to the awesome sounds of Season 2 of The West Wing. Sorkin rocks! Of course if I hadn't been occasionally distracted by it I might have been finished cleaning earlier.
  • I also got high marks for my inspection... the slight marks on the ugly beige carpet notwithstanding.
  • Last week I finally got around to naming my Cameron Brideoake designed tattoo... it's only taken me seven months. I decided on Samudra, which is Sanskrit for ocean, but literally means "gathering together of waters", which sounds pretty much perfect. Plus it's easy to shorten, so for "everyday" use, my Ocean Tiger Mochi shall henceforth be known colloquially as Sam.
  • The list of parcels I currently have en route has swelled up to fifteen... but about half of those are some form of Christmas present and another two aren't going to arrive until after Christmas. But I did get five of them this week, including more RIPT Apparel t-shirts, more Andrew Christian underwear (and of course had to wear one of my new pairs today), a watch for Ma and another Chris McVeigh Lego camera to add to my collection.
  • I now have my "Christmas" teeshirt (featuring Maleficent) and once I make an actual decision about which actual pair, my Christmas undies too.
  • And Fringe tickets go on sale in about a week... seriously, where did the year go? But also YAAAAAY! Sadly I don't know if I'll have time at work to go through the program like I've done in previous years... but this time next week I'll be up to my eyeballs in Fringe info.
  • Speaking of work... a couple of days this week, including today, have been quite "stressypants"... although I did get told by one of my co-workers, Pixie, that there's a certain level of stressed that I reach where I get, to use her words, "so damn gay". And here I thought I got all butch when I was cranky... ah well, there goes that general fantasy.
  • And is it too much to ask that other people do their job correctly and actually provide my team with correct information so we can do our jobs properly rather than them doing a half-assed job, then giving it to us and then them complaining because we did what they actually asked rather than what they meant to ask.
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