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I got home to find that the fucktards who live in the place over the back fence were sitting around the pool, playing music and talking loudly. That was at 5:30pm... they were still playing music and being loud up until about an hour ago.

Not really the way I wanted to finish my week.

Otherwise it wasn't too bad a week... today's weather was an unfortunate foray into mid-Summer that I could have done without... but as they say, it's going to get worse before it gets better (okay technically that's not true since the temperature is going to drop overnight, but Summer is in fact coming).

I've also been swarmed by insects of every known variety at various points this evening... what the hell is that about. Stupid hot weather.

And I'm currently working out if it's a good idea to just drag my mattress into the living room overnight to take advantage of the aircon.


We tried a little food experiment at work today... let me describe it and then you can draw your own conclusions on the relative successfulness...

And I will just say that it wasn't my idea, but I did join in enthusiastically...

Take a tortilla, spread a little peanut butter on it, chop a Milky Way bar lengthways into slivers, do likewise with half a banana, add a handful of marshmallows, fold the tortilla and place in the sandwich press until hot and melty.

To be honest, when I ate it it was amazing, the marshmallows had melted to a gooey sugary mess, and the combination of peanut butter, chocolate and banana is never a bad thing... but it was only later when I had the sugar high, sugar crash and sugar nausea that it seemed like a really, really bad idea.

That being said, I'd probably do it again, but maybe in a smaller dose.

On Monday I went to see my chiro, and after she adjusted my back I told her all about my issues with my elbow, so she felt the good elbow, then the dodgy one, told me, and I quote, "this is going to hurt" (never really something you want to hear), flexed the elbow a couple of times and then POP, snapped it back into place. It turns out that I'd jammed the joint up into the socket and that's why I didn't have full range of movement.

I mean, you would think that that would be SOMETHING YOU WOULD SEE ON AN X-RAY! So why the hell they didn't see it at the Emergency Room I have no fucking clue.

But I couldn't thank my chiro enough... it's still a little sore and tender when I do various things with it, but I have pretty much the full range of motion with it, whereas before I only had about 85%.

There wasn't a hell of a lot else going on this week... I went to a training course, also on Monday, run by possibly the most boring trainer ever. In fact he was so dull that I kept nodding off when we weren't actually doing activities. Which would have been fine, but I was in the front row.

Actually the most interesting part of the day was going to lunch with Sugarmonkey who was also doing the course, at his suggestion. We went to Jack Ruby, which was quirky but pleasant. I mean what kind of place gives you a container of fresh popcorn as a complimentary starter. But it was a nice lunch and the bar staff were suitably handsome, bearded, tattooed and of the slicked back hair.

It's always a little strange spending one-on-one time with Monkey... not bad, just... odd I guess. But we've known each other for... I dunno, it has to be at least eight years, possibly closer to ten at this point... and we get along fairly well for the most part (even if he does frustrate the living crap out of me on occasion... and I'm sure I do likewise to him).

Oh, and I worked out at some point this week that I'm currently waiting for nine parcels... but I just did a bit of poking around and I mustn't have ordered one of the items... I can't see any reference to it anywhere... weird. I know I came up against the "that item doesn't ship to Australia" issue a few times, but I swear I remember buying it...

Sorry, thinking out loud.

I think that's pretty much it for this week's musings...

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