rainy bowerbird saturday shopping

bowerbird bazaar... thankfully i didn't kill anyone, even if i was armed with an umbrella
Today has been one of those weird, occasionally frustrating days where I think a lot of my mood has been dependent on the weather.

And the weather has been intense, changeable and stormy... so, you know, draw your own conclusions there.

Ma was off getting her hair did this morning, so I was flying solo on the supermarket portion of the morning... which, as always, meant that I finished up earlier than normal.

But because the weather had settled into just grey and rain, it also meant that I got a little damp around the edges making the dash to the other side of the road for additional supplies.

Once I got home the rain had definitely settled in, so I got on with the unpacking portion of the morning and when Ma arrive I went down to bring things upstairs I got damp again... it was pretty much a recurring theme for much of the morning.

Our destination du jour today was the pre-Christmas edition of Bowerbird Bazaar market at the Showgrounds.

And I only realised this morning that the Supernova Pop Culture Expo was also being held in the same location, and then on top off there was some Uni exam thing going on. So the place was full of Designer Mummies, Geeks (and I saw three different Assassin's Creed assassins on their way to the Supernova entrance) and students (and yes, those last two groups are not mutually exclusive).

But because the parking situation was somewhat dire, we ended up sneaking in the "back way" and both got into the showgrounds and found a park with no problems.

I don't know if it was the weather, or the fact that we were a wee bit later than usual in getting there, or just the over-abundance of people milling around, or the whole "it's Christmas soon" thing, but even by the standards of previous Bowerbirds the crowd seriously did my head in.

It wasn't just the usual inability to look where they were going or where other people were... or the women with prams who either never look where they're going (I literally saw a grandmother pushing a pram who was walking forward while looking back over her shoulder and had the woman she almost ploughed into not been facing her instead of the other way, it would have been nasty) or else just leave the pram sticking out into the aisles... this seemed to be a special kind of self involvement and selfishness.

People just stopping in the middle of the walkway to rummage around in their handbags or standing directly in front of stalls while having a conversation while people are trying to move around.

bowerbird goodies
So for that reason, as well as the fact that Ma didn't find much of anything that worked for her Christmas list, we didn't stay as long as we have on previous occasions.

I did find a few things that struck my fancy, which is actually unusual... the crocheted cactus from Crochet Kittenn... the ampersand from Mooza Designs... and the Manjūsagi Mikan (little orange rabbit) from Tovi.

I also picked up a pack of stickers from Tovi, which are too damn cute for words.

We also picked up some brownies from Four Seeds as usual, grabbed something to eat from Archie the Pastizzi Bus and headed out.

Neither of us really had much of anything else we wanted to do, so we called it quits.

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