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Imagine, if you will, having sunburn in one very localised spot... a spot that is affected every time you move your arm backwards or forwards... and one which means you can only sleep on one side of your  body.

That's pretty much what it's like for me having a fresh tattoo. I don't regret it in the slightest, but... ow.

And I must have rolled over onto my right side at some stage during the night, because there was a perfect imprint of the tiger's eye transferred onto the fitted sheet.


Anyway, after I got ready, I headed downstairs, only to find that once again my preminition powers are still in effect and Ma was just pulling into a parking space as I came downstairs.

We headed off to the supermarket and did the usual circuit, filled up our trolley and ended up being served by the same trainee checkout boy as last week. Sadly he doesn't seem to have improved all that much...

Anyway, while we were on the way back from the supermarket I got a message from Josh asking if I wanted to go along to Comic-Con tomorrow with him as he had some free tickets. And of course I said yes... I've never been to any of those kind of conventions, and I know it will have a ton of great photo opportunities, so it should be fun.

After I unpacked the shopping we didn't hang around but instead headed down to Marion to go and see The Lego Movie.

We just managed to get into the 3D session at 10:40, even with traffic, cinema staff and general people getting in our way. It did mean that I accidentally stood on a woman's foot as we came in since the previews were about halfway done. Whoops... sorry lady.

But more on the movie later.

Once we came out of the movie we took a short wander around Marion, then stopped off for a bite to eat before heading into the city via Goodwood Road.

Stupidly I hadn't checked the stupid rules about where you can and can't pick up Ticketek tickets... and as it turns out, the place in the city isn't one of them, but Marion had been... *mutter mutter mutter mutter*

It wasn't a completely wasted trip, as we headed in to see Josh to check out the Batman exhibition again (well, so Ma could see it period).

We chatted with Josh for a while and then headed back here.

Unfortunately there's been some sort of concert/hip hop/DJ performance going on all evening... not sure what it is or where... I thought it must have been a post game concert at Adelaide Oval... but things reverberate over the rooftops and between our building and the one next door, so it could be in the building, down the street, somewhere out the back or all the way in the city.

Whatever it is I wish it would go the fuck away. The calls of "yo, yo, yo" I could definitely do without.

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