photo friday: breaking words

if i cant be yur lover the ill be yur brotheryea sounds cool another day would be sweet

contemporary artist anthony listerits a shame we cant be anything more than this
You know what, I want my old life back. Not my old apartment and my old neighbours obviously, because I love my new place so very much... but I want my old job back and my old routine and most importantly, my old paycheck.

Because there really isn't much fun to be had in public holidays if you're not actually getting a holiday from anything.

Anyway, the images in today's post are from Newtown in Sydney, and they were actually some of my favourite pieces of paste-up street art... I love the way that the text is laid out and the simplicity of the whole thing.

I got some bad news yesterday... nothing that relates to me directly, and nothing I can talk about yet, but when I can there will be a blog post about it. But it threw me for a loop and pretty much dovetailed into me wishing that things didn't have to change and that I could have my old life back.

It's also why I forgot to post a Random Hotness yesterday... by the time I got back last night I totally forgot about it.

I randomly got inspired this week to finally break open the two canvases that have been taking up space since I broke my thumb and finally have a crack at creating a Macbeth themed text artwork. My inspiration came from something I saw online... this post on Alisa Burke's website.

Weirdly mine came out mostly grey, compared with the mostly black of Alisa's version... no idea what they hell that's about, it may just be differences in shoe polish or the fact that I didn't prime the canvases with anything since they were supposedly already primed. I may need to take another crack at it at some point... maybe paint over the canvases with some white paint or something. But they look pretty good paired on the wall with the UATG Macbeth poster I sneaked off a wall somewhere.

That really is one of the things that I love most about my new apartment... I actually have artwork on my walls... things I've made myself, things by my favourite artists, just things. Things on walls are good.

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