lego: chima legend beast wolf

lego chima legend beast wolf - finished modellego chima legend beast wolf - box design
Last Tuesday, since there wasn't a lot I could do with my broken laptop, I decided to put together the Lego Chima Legend Beast Wolf set I got for Easter.

And I was perhaps feeling a little lazy, because I couldn't be bothered changing the lens on my camera, so the whole thing was captured (from the other side of the room) using the telephoto lens.

lego chima legend beast wolf - what's in the boxlego chima legend beast wolf - worris or worriz... who knows
The box contents were about the same as those for the Eagle set... two bags, a set of sticks and an instruction book.

I actually managed to put Worris (or Worriz, I've seen it spelled both ways on the Lego website) together while he was still inside the polybag, although his "Derimous sword" had to wait until I opened the bags.

lego chima legend beast wolf - lego wolf knollinglego chima legend beast wolf - building the wolf body
I started out by knolling out the pieces... well, not strictly according to the rules, but I did lay out all the pieces by type and colour before I started putting the model together.

The body reminded me of the simple blocky sheep designs I used to make when I was a kid... although made with more interesting pieces, especially the tail, which is the softer rubber rather than hard plastic.

lego chima legend beast wolf - wolf hind legslego chima legend beast wolf - is that a wolf or a t-rex?
As with the Eagle, I kind of wish the stickers were printed pieces... I understand that it's cheaper to just make the stickers, but printed pieces just look better. I was a little disappointed that unlike the Eagle where the stickers going on white pieces had clear backgrounds, the ones on the Wolf don't.

I did love that once I put the back legs on, there was something of a T-Rex about the design... combine that with Eagle's head and claws and it could have made for an interesting mash-up.

lego chima legend beast wolf - front legs with shoulder armourlego chima legend beast wolf - four legs, no paws
I really like the Wolf's front legs, especially the sticker design which has something of a wolf's head along with armour segments.

And it stood up nicely even without it's feet.

lego chima legend beast wolf - four on the floorlego chima legend beast wolf - one headless wolf
I'm not sure if the tri-tooth bricks were specially made for the Chima line, but they do look pretty impressive as Wolf claws, and the fact that both the shoulder and ankle joints are mobile mean that you can pose him in any number of positions.

lego chima legend beast wolf - getting his wolf legend on
The finished head is an interesting bit of building, what with the ears that move back and forward and the mouth that opens, as well as the printed eye/forehead plate.

The Wolf is actually the only one of the Legend Beasts who looks better in reality than on the box... and while he's not quite as iconic and statuesque as the Eagle, he was a fun build.

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