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There was a decided plan for today's Shopping Adventures... and very little of that plan actually came together.

My ongoing attuition to Ma's arrival continued again this week... I was ready earlier than usual, but as I got downstairs, she was just rounding the corner by the mailboxes. Technically it shouldn't be that surprising since she texts me when she's leaving and I know more or less how long it should take, but it's more the fact that it's a short window between Ma arriving and her getting to my front door, and I've caught her between car and stairs every time.


After the usual supermarket trawl, we headed into Target for a look around and very nearly got distracted from the reason we went in in the first place (to have a look at their quilts). Ma ended up trying on a bunch of clothes, including a short trenchcoat jacket that I made her try.

I also had a quick poke around the Lego section of the toy store and was part way through saying to Ma that one of my possible plans for the Lego frames I put together was to to collect a bunch of Larry the Barista minifigs while I randomly grabbed one of the minifig bags. And it just happened to be Larry. Spooky.

Once we remembered we were supposed to be looking at quilts and did that, we headed back to my place to unpack.

Part of the plan for today has been to invite Miss Oh to come with us to a couple of the markets, but it turned out La Cousina and Co were doing something else today, so that didn't really happen. It did end up being a good thing though, because other parts of the day didn't quite work out either (and we decided against revisiting the Flinders Street Market since we'd been there last week).

Ma was looking at the jacket and realised that when we swapped the one she tried on for one from the back, it was the wrong size on the wrong coat hanger. So we had to head back to Target to swap it over for the one that actually was the right size.

From there we looped around to Arndale to take a look at a few things in Big W, but never ended up buying anything mostly because they didn't exactly have what we were looking for... so that was a bit of a wasted trip.

Then we headed into the city to the Stalls on Sturt Street Market at the Sturt Street Community School. Which for all intents and purposes was pretty much a school fete. A very high end school fete, don't get me wrong, but still.

We had a wander around, there were some interesting bits and pieces, but to be honest there didn't feel like there was that much there. We did grab a bacon and egg sandwich, the proceeds of which went to the school, and that was really, really nice. I mean you can't screw up bacon and egg THAT much, and it would have been nice if they'd had some BBQ sauce, but even with that small complaint, it was really tasty.

I'd thought that there was a produce market behind the IGA on Holland Street, and I'd even looked it up that morning, but when I relooked at their Facebook page I realised that the market was actually only on Sundays... fuckkity.

So instead we headed off to Haighs to procure some Easter chocolaty goodness.

Yeah... Haighs, week before Easter, later in the afternoon... So. Many. People. Just. Taking. Up. Space. Arrrggghhhhh.... and disappointingly they didn't have any bags of broken Easter egg, my favourite Haighs Easter goody.

We grabbed a few bits and pieces though, and then called it a day.

In the end it wasn't that bad a day... it was a little frustrating at times, and didn't go to plan... but sometimes going off-plan is the way to go.

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