photo friday: lego spaceman artwork

lego spaceman artwork - collecting the partslego spaceman artwork - testing some ideas
Fellow Blogger, Adelaidean, Lego fan and self described wannabe ninja Ben Teoh got geeky with a bit of DIY Lego wall art back in February, and since I saw his finished pieces, I've been a bit obsessed with doing something similar.

I've had the Lego spacemen minifigs hanging around for a while, bought some of the black Ribba frames (then decided that the white ones would work better, so took the unopened frames back and swapped them over. The main reason it took so long for me to finally put them together was the fact that Toy Corner didn't have any of the 16 x 16 baseplates in the appropriate colours back in February, and it was only when I took a drive yesterday that I got my hands on some.

Ben's blog post contains all the instructions on how to put things together, but I did play around with some other ideas for one of the frames, including using all the left-over 1 x 1 round plates from the various Lego sets I've put together in the last couple of years. I liked the idea, but I really needed a whole batch more pieces for it to really work properly... or else to just get a proper rainbow selection or a mixture of just a couple of colours.

lego spaceman artwork - setting up the gridlego spaceman artwork - red spaceman minifigs
The other frame never changed from when I started putting it together, it was always going to be the set of six red Lego spacemen minifigs... granted I have no idea where the hell I'm going to put it now that it's finished (I was thinking of putting it on my bedside table, but not sure if it will stay standing up since it's right in front of the window).

What I love about this particular design as opposed to a number of the other ones I've seen where you glue bricks to posterboard, is that this can be altered in seconds since the plates are just slotted between the studs of the baseplate.

lego spaceman artwork - testing some space lego ideaslego spaceman artwork - trying some lego knights
That came in really handy because I altered the other frame's contents three times before I was happy.

I started out thinking I was going to just fill it with Lego spacemen, then after rummaging through my old Lego space kits I thought about putting together one of the smaller spaceships and using that. Sadly the one I thought about didn't work but I remembered that the Robot Command Center set had a little jet and a little buggy, so I put those together and coupled them with a couple of spaceman minifigs.

Again, I quite liked the look, but both of the models where pressed up against the glass and were distending the back of the frame a little... so they were out.

When I dug out the spaceman minifigs, I also found six of the Lego Knights minifigs, so they got a trial. With all their weapons they were certainly a different look, but maybe a little busy.

So this morning I swapped them out for four white and two black Lego spaceman minifigs. Because that way they match the other black and white artwork I have on one of my bedroom walls.

lego spaceman artwork - hanging some black and white spacemen on the wall
I also think that the Lego Star Wars planet sets would work really well in these frames, particularly the Hoth Snowspeeder or the X-Wing (it's just a shame that I haven't seen any of the three most recent sets, including the Snowspeeder, anywhere in Adelaide).

The other thought I had was collecting six Emmet or Larry the Barrista minifigs from the latest collectable minifig series both of whom would make a nice display.

In other news this week... actually there isn't really that much news. My tattoo has already had one instance of shedding, but it was only minor... however I think the first major skin peel is only a couple of days away.

It still makes me smile just about every time I see it, but I'm waiting to take some decent photos of it after it's healed up properly.

Yesterday was Haircut Day... yaaay. It was all pretty standard... standard hair, short and dirty blonde... standard, if interesting, chatting. But I do enjoy my haircut sessions with Tink.

And then today was my Chiro appointment... which I didn't actually remember until my phone went off a couple of hours beforehand. Thank goodness I set a decent reminder.

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