sunday riverbank forking

fork on the road with adelaide oval looking onfork on the road - burger theory number ones
Today had to be one of the best, if not the best Fork on the Road. There have been Forks with a better range of trucks, and Forks where I got to try more new things, but the location, just across the Torrens from Jolly's Boathouse was just about perfect.

There was a cool breeze, plenty of shade trees and spots to sit as well as being able to watch the river.

Plus Ma and I managed to snag a car park just across the parklands without much effort. After a quick circuit of the trucks, we decided on Burger Theory as our first stop. It's been a while since Ma had one, and I haven't visited the shop since the middle of December.

fork on the road - getting my taiwanese chicken nugget onfork on the road - watching popeye float on by
We also grabbed some lemonades from the Famous Lemonade Stand to go along with the burgers and found a very pleasant spot by the path I walk on every morning to eat our burgers and observe the other Forkers.

After the November edition of Fork where I tried the Gan Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets, I was very eager to head back for another go... they're just so damn tasty!

So I left Ma guarding out shady spot under the tree and headed off to the little yellow van for some nuggety goodness.

fork on the road - milk crate seatsfork on the road - giant dim sims with bike
Once we'd had our fill of people watching from the particular spot and the nuggets were all gone (the latter came much more quickly than the former) we decided to take a wander around the trucks and see what else caught our eyes.

We almost had a couple of halloumi skewers, but they'd just run out when we got there and the next batch was a little while away, so instead we ended up at The Satay Hut for a couple of the biggest steamed dim sims I've ever seen. Quite tasty though.

From there we ended up circling around and found a park bench that, oddly enough, nobody else had claimed... no idea why, it was nice and shady, although there were people quite close on all sides.

fork on the road - juice girlfork on the road - feeding the ducks
Again, there was much sitting and observing the passing Forkers... although there was one little toddler who was the most amusing... he got mesmerised by a guy in a bike helmet, and then seemed hesitant of a seagull coming his way (although to be fair, it was about a third of his height, so that's understandable).

We debated about whether or not to revisit the halloumi, but both decided that we really wanted something fresh and fruity instead. Thankfully Juicy Juice was just behind where we were sitting, so I left Ma guarding our spot and grabbed some beverages (and sneaked the photo of the young lady wearing fake flowers in her hairy who's outfit perfectly matched the truck).

I had the Pink Bliss (watermelon, strawberry and mint) and Ma had the Fruit Tingle (orange, apple, strawberry and lemon)... of the two, I think I prefer the Fruit Tingle... but I had one back at the November Fork, so I wanted to try something different.

fork on the road - shady treesfork on the road - you can't go to fork without getting a brownie
Since the beginning of Fork, there's one stall that I have to visit before we leave for a little take-home goodness... and that's Four Seeds for their brownies... so much so that Mim, the woman who runs the stall, stops to say hello when she sees me at Fork.

Her dreadlocked helper was actually running the stall, so Ma and I snapped up two of the choc mint and two of the salted caramel brownies... good lord they're good.

But they're dessert for later... we still needed dessert for right then and there...

fork on the road - loca pops for twofork on the road - happy forkers
And we went with Loca Pops!

Ma chose the Peach and Sweet Basil (on the right) while I went with the Cucumber, Lime and Mint (on the left). I have to say, a little like the juices earlier, I did have a touch of buyers remorse... my popsicle was refreshing, but not quite as strongly flavoured as Ma's was.

So, all in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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