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This week seemed to be going along swimmingly until about Wednesday when the wheels began to fall off everything.

Monday was good... I'd started sorting through the last four boxes of papers and random bedroom drawer detritus on Sunday night, and I spent the whole of the day on Monday finishing that up and throwing away two and a half recycling tubs worth of papers. I know that I'd been through it all not that long ago, but this time I was incredibly ruthless. Actually I've since done that whole "oh, did I throw that or did I keep that" about a couple of things that I think I probably ditched... but nothing I can't live without.

I also hung some more artwork on the walls... there's still one set of pieces still to hang, but there's no massive rush for those.

Then Monday night was Haircut Night at Tink's place, which is always fun... the hair he is once again short and blonde... plus we chatted a lot, mostly about my move. Turns out that not only is she moving house at the end of this month (and will actually be closer to me now, which is nice, although she'd really not that far away now) but she and her partner are expecting another baby. I almost asked her last time I was there... there was just something about her that made the think she could be pregnant. But you never want to ask that particular question and be wrong.

So now I'm on the lookout for a toy horse, since this baby will be born in the Year of the Horse, and the last baby was all rabbit themed.

Tuesday I did some tidying up and got the place looking pretty before Ma came down around lunchtime after her doctor's appointment... then we grabbed some lunch and went off to have a look around Arndale before going to the movies.

Wednesday morning the nice folks from MiniMovers came to pick up all their empty boxes... and once they were all gone the bedroom suddenly looked REALLY empty.

I'd decided that if they showed up early then I'd head into the city for a bit and run a few errands... so I got ready and headed out.

That's partly when the wheels got a little wobbly... there had been another empty apartment in the building and as I was heading out there was a moving van downstairs and someone standing in the doorway of the empty apartment. Someone from my old apartment block. C'mon, seriously... I know we all had to move out, but one of the best things about the new place was that none of my neighbours seemed annoying in these first two weeks. And out of all the people from the old building, this family was one of two who I was very glad to never have to lay eyes on again. However I will have no qualms about talking to the land agent when they start getting really annoying. Although the apartments are all owned by different owners I think, but at least I can try.

The rest of Wednesday morning and most of the afternoon was great... I wandered around the city, went to see Josh at Espionage to pick up some artwork and stood around with him for a good long while having a chat about everything and nothing.

Then I found the new minifigs from The Lego Movie at Target and because my Lego-Fu is mighty, I managed to pick out the six figs that I wanted without having to even go through a whole box.

Next up was lunch at Burger Theory which was lovely as always and I got given one of their loyalty cards, so bonus right there.

Unfortunately when I got home I busted my thumb. It was definitely one of those "if I'd done that task yesterday or if I'd hadn't been doing what I was doing and hadn't chosen to do that exact thing at that exact moment" deals... but to quote Morpheus, "what happened, happened and couldn't have happened any other way".

Although possibly there's a whole other me somewhere doing the Gwyneth Paltrow Sliding Doors thing without a cast on his arm.

Good luck Alternate Me... make sure you don't get run over or anything.

So all of Thursday morning was spent at the hospital, and the rest of the day was spent dealing with the fact I had a cast on my arm.

And today has been much of the same... it's going to be a long ten days, I know that much, not least of all because I can't drive anywhere. But also because it's not an especially comfortable cast to wear... it's kind of on at a weird angle, and it's both tight and loose at the same time. Plus it's fucking heavy.

I have, however, managed to vacuum the carpet, chop vegetables, sign my name, brush my teeth and feed myself, all with my left hand. The only thing I haven't done is take a shower... that's going to require some scheming, as I can't get the cast wet.

It really does feel like the Universe is telling me that I can't have nice things, or if I do, I have to pay for them in some unexpected and punitive way.

But it is what it is and now I just need to soldier on.

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