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I'm getting to the point where I'm looking forward to Fringe, if only because it might mean we have some shorter Saturdays.

Today ended up being a very big day... even though we originally thought about curtailing our adventures due to my infirmity... I'm glad we didn't though.

Showering this morning wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be, I just put a plastic bag over my arm and tucked the bottom into the cast and I was good to go.

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Ma got down here a little late and then we were a bit later leaving here to head out to the supermarket, and it just feels like that snowballed a little bit.

We finally got around to getting a spare set of keys cut for my new place, but even though we were very specific and I double checked with the guy after he'd cut the two keys, he still cut the wrong two... well, he cut the one we didn't need him to cut since I never bother locking that lock. Probably better that Ma has all three keys though... but we'll still go back and complain.

Shopping was pretty much the same as normal, other than the fact I couldn't do my usual trick with tying the plastic bags with a quick release, and it was a little more awkward to steer the little trolley.

We also had a wander around for a while in Target, so that always delays us a little... and I was somewhat annoyed that Target was having a 20% off Lego sale as well as a 3 for 2 toy sale two days after I stood there feeling up minifigure bags.

Although it was probably just as well since I tried to find a Panda Guy for Ma but since I was having to use my left hand, it kind of cramped up after a few tries.

And carrying the groceries upstairs was a little bit of a pain, more so because I could only carry stuff with my left hand and had to rely on Ma a little more.

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First up on the post-supermarket agenda was the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures exhibition.

I wasn't going to take my SLR camera given my whole arm situation, but I'm glad I did... I did end up having to carry it with my other hand, but other than that I really didn't have too much trouble.

I'm not sure if there were as many pieces this year, but there were a whole lot of really nice works... and a lot that were pretty photogenic.

eclipsestone shell
Sadly there weren't as many hot guys out and about on the beach while we were there... because I always like a nice bit of beachside perving.

After we'd seen everything there was to see we stopped at Enuf Burger Bar for some lunch... I've been disappointed with regular beef burgers anywhere other than Burger Theory, so I decided on one of their chicken burgers, which was really nice.

Then we headed off to return the baking tray that I bought last week at Harbourtown that was too big for my oven... it was a simple matter of swapping it over for a smaller one, and getting $5 back to boot.

wooden wingsstone eggs
Then we headed down the road to IKEA... yes, for the nine hundredth time in recent weeks.

Mostly it was because there were a bunch of little things I keep forgetting to pick up. But I think that's our last trip to the Land of the Flatpack Swede until my arm is better.

Next up was a quick visit to Bunnings... mostly to see if they had some sort of laundry cabinet. I know I've seen exactly what I want somewhere not that long ago, but I'm buggered if I can find them now that I want one.

stone archessilver spikes
Oh and there was a quick stop off at Howard's Storage World because I was sure they had some decent perspex storage boxes, but no such luck.

By the time we got back to my place it was after 4pm... which is a pretty late day for our usual Saturday adventures.

And then it took me seemingly forever to process all the images from today.

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