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veni bricki clickisplit down the middle
I've now packed twenty six boxes... twenty two from the moving company and four storage boxes that Ma requisitioned from work. And for whatever reason, one of the first boxes I packed contained all my minifigure cases. All I really have left to pack now is the kitchen, which will happen on Saturday with Ma's assistance and then I have to try and stuff as much of my wardrobe in the mobile wardrobe as possible on Sunday (I'm not completely sure it's all going to fit so I'll have to devise a secondary plan for the rest).

I took all of the shelves out of the bookcases this morning (well, except the one that still has some stuff that needs to be packed, but that'll all get packed on the weekend), and then decided that I really needed to re-pot my parlour palm before the move (which is something I've had on my "gunna" list for a while now), if only because it won't be as easy to do in the new house. Granted I was just getting rid of the smaller of the two plants and putting it back in the same pot, so all I needed was some potting mix, so a quick trip to Bunnings fixed that. Although having done it I'm not completely sure it was the best idea as it may be a little less stable. Oh well, if it ends badly maybe I can get a Kentia Palm which was kind of my original intention way back when.

I also spent some time last night looking through the IKEA website to look at chairs, tables, lamps, bedside cabinets and whatever else would work the new place. I'm not making any final decisions until I've got all my current stuff in place but there are definitely a few things that I'll need.

Interestingly almost everything (everything major certainly) that I put out in the giant pile of furniture at the front of the apartment block has been taken by somebody... even after it rained on the bookcase and the bedside table yesterday somebody (who may have been from across the street) came and made off with them after dark. So I feel better about having dumped it all since it hasn't gone to waste.

I also organised this week to get all my utilities transferred to the new house... which was both really easy because I did it all online, but also a little painful because now it's all "choose a plan of some description" and whatnot. But it's all done, so there should be power and gas and phone on Monday, and then internets in the next couple of days after that (fingers crossed).  And the moving company called me to confirm the move.

But you know what... none of it feels really real just yet. I'm not even sure it will until I go to the land agents office on Monday morning to pick up the keys and sign all the paperwork, and maybe not even until I walk though the door for the first time once it's my apartment. Or more likely once all my stuff is there and not here.

Once I am all moved in though I'm going to have to systematically go through every single thing that I own and ditch a whole lot of it... especially a lot of the paper stuff, I've filled several boxes that have just been labelled "paperwork" and I'm not completely sure what's in most of them. Plus I'm not going to have anywhere near as much storage space when I first move in.

Other than packing and watching movies and the brief concession I made to the fact that it was New Years Eve there really hasn't been very much else going on in my world. I did take a brief trip into the city to have coffee with H-San and drop off some Rocky Road to say thanks for being my reference on both of the rental applications. And that was weird but nice (the going for coffee part, not the being my reference part)... even standing outside the building waiting for him was weird... it was exactly the same but also completely different because there's some building work going on in the foyer. But the chat we had was nice.

It also felt weird to just take a wander around in the city... since I haven't just had a wander since I stopped working in town... there's always been either a specific destination in mind, even when I was shopping with Ma. Mostly I poked around the Christmas decoration departments, but honestly by Monday they were looking a little pathetic.

But yeah, the rest of my week was essentially "put the box together, cross tape the box, fill the box as appropriate, close the box, tape the box, label the box, find somewhere to store the box".

Only three sleeps to go!

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