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It's been two weeks in the new apartment... well, two weeks Monday anyway... and I have been thanking all the appropriate deities for a place that has air-conditioning given the fact that Adelaide was being touted as "the hottest city on the planet" this week... and not in a popular way.

I'll admit the air-con is not perfect... the cooler air doesn't really seem to make it to the bedroom all that much and both yesterday and this afternoon when it was at it's hottest the fact that the sun hits the living room window/wall really seemed to ramp the heat up inside. So I've swapped a west facing bedroom for a west facing living room... at least the building next door blocks the sun at a certain point.

But it's a vast, vast improvement on sweating into a small puddle on the floor and I'm also not going to complain since it has been running essentially non-stop since about 1am on Wednesday morning.

I got up briefly, realised that the house felt really muggy and horrible, so I haven't bothered to turn it off since. It does make for a very pleasant house when I get up, I have to say.

Although I won't be complaining when the cool change comes through some time very soon (please... you're supposed to be here already... let's get this thing happening). There will be much flinging open of windows and doors when that happens.

One of the other things I've noticed is that even though I'm surrounded by all of my stuff, this somehow doesn't quite feel like home yet. More so when I get up during the night, but I feel halfway between staying over at someone else's house and staying in a hotel (although I guess I'm more used to the hotel feeling than the sleepover feeling).

I also met my "across the landing/share a wall" neighbour earlier in the week when I was coming back from checking the letterbox in the evening... she seems nice... although the thing that I'm both loving and also having to slightly adjust to is the fact that I don't see anybody from the building on a daily basis. I might hear a flyscreen door slam and occasionally I'll see somebody as I'm going to or from the letterbox, but mostly it's blessedly peaceful and lacking in people.

On Monday I went through and updated my address in all (or at least I think all) the relevant places. The only ones I haven't done are the bank (which will be easier to just call into a branch possibly tomorrow) and the Electoral Roll (since that requires a witness signature). Everything else I was able to do online. Seriously, we're living in an age of wonders!

Although when I stuck the change of address sticker from Motor Reg on the back of my driver's license, I realised that it doesn't get replaced until 2022... so that's a long time with an address sticker on the back.

I lost most of Wednesday playing The Banner Saga from Stoic Studios... it was one of the many projects I backed on Kickstarter, and the single player campaign finally launched this week. It's a seriously gorgeous looking game, although some of the battles felt a little grindy, and I didn't always like the options in the dialogue sections. My main complaint is that it felt way too short. I knocked the whole thing over inside of a day, and it did kind of feel like it was just about to jump into some really big action when suddenly there were the end credits. Hopefully there will be DLC or additional content as the story definitely isn't done yet.

I also finally got around to booking my tattoo... sadly because the studio is a good one, the first appointment I could get was the first week in April. But I've waited this long, a couple more months isn't going to hurt me.

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