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You know what, I don't even think living at the top of all these stairs is necessarily the major issue... I feel like it's more about the fact that I live at the furthest possible point from the front of the block... right at the back and right at the top. Not that I'm really complaining, it's just very different from being the first apartment in the block as you walk in off the street.

Clearly today involved a trip to the supermarket...

The morning wasn't really all that much different from the normal Saturday routine... I still got up and pottered about a bit, tidied up (within the confines of the fact that there's still a bunch of stuff sitting around that doesn't have a home yet) and was ready to go by the time Ma arrived.

It was something of a bumper supermarket haul, if only because I hardly bought anything last weekend and cleared a bunch of stuff out of the fridge before the move.

After the usual lap around the supermarket we had a look around Target for potential house supplies... didn't really find anything that I wanted/needed apart from one of those display domes that I've been coveting for months and months but which have also seemed too expensive... but they only had one left and it was marked down, so now it's mine. I'm not completely sure I like the position it's in currently, it's a bit hidden, so I might need to take a look at that.

There was also a trip to The Reject Shop for similar "looking at things", but nothing jumped out as fitting the brief of anything I was really looking for... so with that we toddled back here.

The carrying heavy bags of shopping up the stairs wasn't so bad, because they're bags you can rest them on the stairs as you go, so it's not like having to lug a box of equivalent weight up the stairs.

I did want to head into Kmart for a couple of things I'd seen before New Years, so we headed into the city since Ma had to go and get an MRI (for stuff to do with her hearing, there's nothing wrong with her brains or anything) just after lunch time.

We made quick visits to Kmart for a new utensil holder (the old one was cracked) and some random looking at kitchen and bathroom items... grabbed some rubbing alcohol to clean the spots I want to put those removable hooks... picked up a new money box for my silver coins... and had a look at Spotlight for some net curtain material for the kitchen window.

Ma needed to be heading off, so she dropped me at home and headed off. I organised the new purchases, discovered that the offcut of net curtain we bought was about the right depth but was only enough to span the gap between the curtains, so you could still see straight through it. I tried switching out the one in the bathroom (which is completely unnecessary and keeps bugging me every time I'm at the sink) but that's a little bit long.

As I said to Ma at one point, it really is a matter of working out exactly what I need to fulfil various requirements, and it'll all sort itself out in time.

Ma wasn't gone all that long, but we really didn't need to do anything else after she got back so we loaded up her car with various and sundry cardboard left over from the move (that's really where being the apartment that's the furthest point from the road comes into play... there were a bunch of trips back and forth which were a bit of a pain) and she headed off home.

I get the feeling that living here is going to be an ongoing education for at least a little while longer yet.

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