weird phone calls

Ok, so, out of the blue last night I get two phone calls... one good, if unexpected, the other just weird...

The first one was from a model I know and have worked with numerous times before... he wants to get some more headshots done because he's changed his hair colour (or, at least, put blonder streaks in it). So that's all good, and I'm going to see him on Monday for some shots.

Then just before midnight I get another call... which was weird in itself, nobody calls me at that time. So I let voicemail take it, in case it was a wrong number or whatever... then I picked up the voicemail. Hooooooo doggy... a very drunk, very fem (I listened to it twice and still wasn't completely sure if it was a man or a woman... course, I'm assuming its a guy given the message) voice at the other end saying how hot he thought I was, blah blah... which I could have written off as a drunk wrong number, if he hadn't used my name.

And the mobile number seems weirdly familiar somehow, but its not in my phone (which could just mean I got tired of having a number that never calls me in there and deleted it). I think I know who it was, a guy I was chatting with a while ago, who I gave my number to so we could chat, meet up, whatever, but who never called. Seems like he was drunk and horny and going through the numbers in his phone, and, joy of joys, found mine... *rolls eyes*.

If that's what he sounds like drunk though, well, I think maybe I'll pass. It will be interesting to see if he ever summons up the courage to call back.

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