trimming o blass tannenbaum

Today was... easy. Relatively speaking.

Today was also the age-old ritual "putting up the tree at Ma's place" which takes place each year on the first weekend in December.

I don't know why it was so easy... maybe it's because the weather was mellow, I was mellow and/or had no actual fucks to give, and the process just went well... dunno... but it was fairly straightforward.

This morning I rolled out of bed, had a shower and got myself ready to go by about 7:40... which meant that I was down at Ma's place before 8:30.

We had breakfast and then we got shit happening.

Every year since... I dunno, at minimum it's at least 2005... I tend to write little notes to the future versions of us, and receive messages from the past versions. This year was no different, and it's sometimes really weird to see messages from yourself a whole year beforehand. Especially since I'd forgotten that clearly my mood last year wasn't the most yuletide filled.

Some of the notes are actually useful though, things to remember while putting up the tree that we would otherwise completely and totally forget in the 365ish days between efforts.

But the tree went together quickly and easily, the lights are technically always a problem, but were probably the least amount of a problem for some time and we have what can only be referred to as "a metric fuckton" of baubles.

I don't think we even put on half of what we had... and while it's not dripping with baubles, I did definitely have trouble trying to find where new things could go comfortably without having too many of the same colour in the same place. And looking back at last year, clearly that was the year with no fucks to give, because that tree looks bare by comparison.

We also made plans for the arrangement next year... so that's another note on the box.

But all of that only took us to about 10:40... which feels super early.

We tidied the detritus away and put a few of the other bits and pieces up around Ma's place, before settling down to wrap up and sort out a few presents. As usual it was mostly stuff for La Cousina and Co, and we were perhaps less worried about making a big, grand extravaganza this year, so all of that didn't seem to take a ton of time either.

Then there was some general sorting out of various stuff, a fairly late lunch and I called it a day and was on my way home by about 3:30 or so.

Not bad all things considered.

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