photo saturday: pre-new-years colours

ferris wheelcoloured flags

beach sailscoloured boxes
Well, that's going to wrap up the last week of the year in a fairly unexciting way...

Also, how the hell did we get here so quickly... it seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to 2017. And now it's gone.

But that's not what this post is about... that's for it's own post tomorrow. Which I still have to write.

The week between Christmas and New Year felt even less like an actual week this year for some reason. Partly because Christmas Day was on a Monday, but then nothing really happened on Tuesday (I think I put the Lego Dimensions packs together) and I decided to stay home from DnD on Wednesday (for the first time since I started... it was too damn hot and I just couldn't be bothered) and play video games.

That essentially turned into me attempting to get things to actually download for Lego Dimensions, which needed not only a huge update itself, but also individual updates to a bunch of the previous downloads for various worlds. All in all a giant headfuck, and it took up a large section of the day. And on top of that, I played through The Goonies levels only to have the game crash right at the end, so that's less fun. I retried it, it crashed in the same place, so I let it be for now. If it happens again, I'll send some sort of message to somebody in an official capacity and see what happens.

I did go to DnD on Thursday night though, even though half of the usual Thursday crew weren't there, and I didn't even get to play with or run for the ones that were. But I still had a decent time running for other people, well, three fifths of the people anyway.

Then Friday I did my walk, came home, got the house in order, did the dishes and settled in to start Assassin's Creed Origins. Guess what I did for the entire afternoon... and evening.

First impressions, combat system isn't anywhere near as good as Syndicate, although I do like that the long/reach weapons from Unity have returned, since those were very much my jam in that game. It doesn't properly feel like an AC game yet though. Well, a bit, but not fully because he's not actually an assassin yet.

And I had been playing the game for at least five or six hours before I even saw the title screen... I know the previous games have definitely stretched that stuff out, but this is a little on the ridiculous side.

But that's also a discussion for another day.

Today was the first Saturday in a while that actually felt like a usual Saturday... which Ma and I actually doing the shopping thing together and without any other foolishness going on.

And because both of us still have a fridge full of food (well more me, because my fridge is tiny and overstuffed), there wasn't a whole ton of shopping... I mean it didn't feel like it, but it kinda felt that way when everything was packed up... but I think we just bought a few larger items.

Then it was back here for the ritual unpacking.

After that we headed out to see if anything in the shops fell within the Venn diagram of "things we like", "things we didn't have" and "things that are on sale at the right price". To that end we went to both Big W and Target and indeed, found things within that intersection. Nothing stunningly exciting to be honest, and mostly DVDs.

Then we took a big of a detour around to North Adelaide to go to the Perryman's Bakery. Because I haven't been in quite a long time and why not.

To be honest all it really did was make me miss North Adelaide yet again. But we did get stuff at the bakery, so it was worth the trip.

And that's a wrap on this year, essentially.

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