photo saturday: he knows if you've been bad or good

he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake
This is me, reminding myself that Christmas is in fact in two days.

Basically I've completely vagued out through the entire month of December and don't feel Christmasy in the least (as I think I've mentioned... more than once). I've done all the appropriate things, tree, chocolate things, presents, and yet... nothing. Big, fat world of m'eh.

So much so that it was only when I was on my way to the supermarket this morning that I realised that I needed to buy croissants for Christmas morning. Because it's in two days.

But, scrolling back a bit...

Last Sunday was the D&D epic... and while it was a lot different than the last one, it was still a good time. We saved the most children (an addition to the actual epic, which tied into the charity nature of the event), at least in part because my character and two other characters were not about to leave any behind. So even though the day was entirely too hot and our table was entirely too full and finding a park was entirely too hard, a good time was had by all.

And we raised over $2000 collectively, which is nice.

Other than the epic, I ended up being the DM for all three games this week. I would have liked to play... but there were less people than usual at all the games, so I just ended up taking charge. Because that's what I do. For some reason. Fucked if I know why.

I also took some of the Christmas chocolates in on both Wednesday and Thursday. I spun a story about one of my characters and his family traditions on Wednesday, but I was running a "festive" adventure on Thursday and made them part of the story. Everybody was suitably impressed and whatnot, which is the main thing.

The only bummer was that the Thursday Boys weren't there, so they missed out. But it's all good, I'll catch them in the new year most likely.

I also caught up with OwlGirl on Wednesday after DnD, to give her the very much nothing present I got her and to see her before she heads off on her America trip on Christmas Day.

Otherwise this week was... not much of anything really. I spent too much of it attempting to get the house tidied up, only for it to all fall apart again about five minutes later. Not completely true, but it felt true at various points.

Today was Ma's pre-Christmas haircut/colour, so I was on my own shopping for the aforementioned croissants and other things we needed for Christmas Day.

While I get the reasons why, the fact that people who manage to shop in a perfectly calm and straightforward (at least I'm hoping so, or maybe it's just because they usually do it far away from me) manner the other 51 weeks of the year always lose their damn minds on the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. Yes, you need to get a bunch of bullshit nobody really cares about but it's traditional, so you get it anyway... and you've been doing a bunch of other shopping for meaningless bullshit... but don't be an asshole in the supermarket. And certainly don't go through the rather meagre supplies of greenbeans for what feels like an hour and a half, picking up individual fucking beans, or I'm going to snot you one. Even if you are about 70.

But I got everything we needed... and some other stuff, because, of course I did.

And I got home and unpacked and managed to watch some stuff on YouTube before Ma and her overly pink hair showed up. The colour was great, don't get me wrong, but her hairdresser really can't apply colour properly (I know I've said this before)... so it was a bit all over the place.

We faffed about for a little bit and then went into the city to the movies... because we're both too damn smart to want to do anything involving retail shopping two fucking days before Christmas.

Then, like perfectly sensible people, we came back here and Ma went on her merry way home.

So, merry whatevers...

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