ma's presents 2017

We've reached that point... the space between the last time Ma will be here and Christmas Day... also known as the ritual of the present wrapping. And by wrapping, I mean folding things into tissue paper and slapping the same ribbon I've been using since 2010 on it. What, it's environmentally conscious... or something.

I can always tell from either Ma's birthday or Christmas present photos what my employment situation was at the time... and it's clearly this isn't exactly a banner year. I will say that it's not like there were things I would have bought and couldn't... but I also didn't do a lot of looking, which I would have done previously. This is also the first year since 2007 where I didn't get her a pack of nougat. But I 100% forgot until this morning, and nowhere at the Village seems to carry it.

Chalk up another victim to my general vagueness about Christmas this year.

Anyway... it's a short list...
  • Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel perfume
  • Harajuku Lovers Love perfume
  • DVDs
  • Wonderwalls 2018 calendar (and iPhone wallpapers)
So... yeah...

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