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This week featured:
  • the perfect beef and barley soup... literally one of the best soups I've made ever
  • the usual three games of D&D
  • the announcement of the closure of my favourite online D&D character creation website (dammit)
  • drinks with The Nuthouse crew to celebrate OwlGirl's new job somewhere that's not The Nuthouse.
It was good to see those folks that actually showed up for drinks... but also just weird somehow. Partially because we were celebrating someone getting a job, partially because it's like no actual fucking time has passed since I last saw everyone, partially because I really don't have any news to share.

But at the same time I don't miss the place like I have done in previous instances. Like not even a little bit.


Today was... [copy and paste from the last several weeks]...

I did forget my phone when I went off to the supermarket this morning, so that was both a total #firstworldproblem and also annoying.

And I didn't actually need to do any shopping for Ma this week (much like last week), so that was a bonus.

Otherwise nothing of note to report.

And when I went down to Ma's place it was the same old same old yet again.

Blah, blah, blah... all done.

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