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ufo in the pinkcandy stripe beach hut

daisy's dress from gatsbyshiny pink beak
This week was about average... with one aberration, but we'll get to that...

I made a decent tomato soup this week... although by the end of the week I was mostly over it. Not that it wasn't good, I just couldn't be bothered.

Otherwise it was back to the usual three games of D&D, which were all pretty chill.

The wheels kind of fell off the bus a little on Thursday. I was sitting here, looking at things on the internets, as you do, when the modem stopped connecting to the internet. I did the on/off thing, I even left it off while I had a shower... nothing. So I called my ISP, which resulted in fun and games but no actual results. In fact between the woman at the support desk and me we may have made the problem worse, meaning that I could no longer get access to the modem itself through my browser.

Which meant a new modem... and I've only had this one for, what less than a year I think. But on the plus side, the woman at the ISP said she could send me out a new one, but who has time to wait 3-5 days for that to happen, and when I said that she said she'd credit my account with $90, the price of that modem. Which then meant I got a brand new modem that will ultimately only cost me $10. And seems to function a lot better than the one I bought that cost a lot more... at least so far.

Of course I could have lived without the general level of stress and trauma that the whole exercise managed to imbue in me.

Today was again a return to the Old Times. And the fact that I didn't need to stick to a specific timeframe on Saturday mornings caught up with me, so I wasn't quite ready when Ma arrived.

The shopping itself was fine, although I don't feel like I really bought all that much stuff. I'm also seeing the end of soup season fast approaching, which is going to be painful if only because I'm going to end up having to cook more, which is annoying.

Neither of us really had any plans for the day, but we also haven't seen a movie in a while, so we decided to head on over to Marion to have a wander and see something.

We decided on the Lego Ninjago Movie (more on that later) and I think we made a good choice seeing it today and early since there weren't all that many other people in the cinema, which was good.

After it was over we just did our usual wander from one end of Marion to the other and back again. Nothing terribly exciting, but it's something that we haven't done in quite a while.

And that was about it really... we grabbed some food before we left and then called it a day.

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