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Hmmm... let's see...
  • Monday was Haircut Night... not the usual night obviously, but the last time I would squeeze in before Tink and Co moved house. In every other respect, it was much the same as a usual Haircut Night.
  • That meant that there was only time for 2 D&D games this week, Wednesday and Thursday. And weirdly on Thursday I was the only one of the usual crew who showed up. Not sure if it was because of the Sportsball or the (as somebody described it to me) Moneysuck that is the Royal Show, but yeah, myself and the DM were the only two from that group who were there. We still had enough people for a game though, so that was fine.
  • This week I made a minestrone soup that kicked the ass of all other minestrone soups I've made (or, I'll be honest, almost all the minestrone soups I've ever tasted)... the one flaw was the fact that I added a tin of mixed beans right at the end, and they could have done with a little actual cooking time.
Today was the most atypical Saturday we've had in a long while.

I still did the usual shopping thing in the morning, but then I essentially pottered around the house and did my own thing until early afternoon when Ma came to me! Yes boys and girls, mostly inspired by the fact we have a show to go to tonight, Ma got in her little car and tootled all the way down the road to my house.

We have re-entered the Before Times. Kind of.

However it wasn't a very exciting day.

australian geographic nature photographer of the year
We did head into the city to check out the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year exhibit at the museum though.

I will say that the arrangement of both the gallery itself and the photos was probably the best it's ever been. The photos themselves were actually pretty good, some of my favourites are over on the right.

Otherwise we really just had a bit of a wander, the city was pretty damn busy given the combination of the Royal Show and whatever sportsball game was on tonight, so we didn't stick around for all that long.

We came back to my place, hung around for a bit then headed out for dinner before the show.

You know what's weird... when you think about something and then later that day that very thing happens. While we were out and about earlier, I was thinking about the fact that I haven't really run into anybody from the D&D sessions outside of those sessions.

And then when I went up to order dinner, of the the guys who runs the games was there waiting to order. Weird.

Otherwise we had dinner, found a park closer to the theatre and headed down, then afterwards we drove back here and Ma headed home. I will say that it was nice not to have to drive all the way to Ma's place and then all the way back here after a show.

So yeah, that's about it really.

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