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This week didn't end up being quite as busy as I thought... okay, it was kind of busy...

I did have my dates confused for going to see My Dad Wrote A Porno Live though, having thought it was Tuesday, but since it was Wednesday I was out of the house more than I was in.

And there was some talk of drinks on Friday, which never eventuated, but I still had my chiro appointment.

But otherwise it was just a lot of Dungeons and Dragons again.

I'll admit that on Thursday I had a brief bout of not really wanting to go out for the game... but then I got there and had one of the better sessions thus far. Which pretty much sums up my whole life (don't want to go, sometimes go anyway, usually have fun).

I also finally got around to stopping off at Pearl's Pizza, the Burger Theory offshoot in Adelaide Uni on Wednesday after D&D. Now, I know I'm a total BT fanboy... and 99 times out of 100 I love what they do (there's the occasional Burger of the Month that I'm not nuts about, but otherwise, it's all good). So it's not really going to come as any surprise to hear that the pizza was fucking amazing.

Which is actually kind of weird because it's the most deep dish pizza I think I've ever experienced, and as a general rule I'm very much about thin crusts, not deep ones, but this is all kinds of amazing.

I may have to remember to wander down after other games, just to try different flavours.

Oh, and I made what essentially turned out to be chicken stew this week. It sort of started it's life as soup, but to be honest everything absorbed the liquid and it really was just stew. But weirdly you never really hear people talking about chicken stew for some reason.

It was good though. A large part of which was due to the chorizo sausages I put in.

Today was very rinse and repeat. Supermarket, home, down the road to Ma's, a circuit of her shopping centre and then home again.

So that's about it for my week really.

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