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It has been a very long week.

Not bad you understand, just long.

So long in fact that I don't even remember what I did last week, so we won't even worry about that, suffice to say that making a soup that was half pea and ham and half potato and leek worked out very well.

The reason there wasn't a Saturday post last week is that I spent the whole day playing Dungeons and Dragons, and then all of Sunday night. In fact I played a total of about 16 hours across the two days (11 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday), and it was a lot of fun, even though I was starting to come down with a cold and I lost a bunch of my voice over the weekend. And when I got home on Saturday my ears were acting as though I had been at a concert and listening to loud music, due to the noise in the room the whole time.

But a good time was has by all, even taking into account the fact that I died a somewhat low-key but spectacular death due to a chest of cursed treasure.

There were also the usual three games of D&D through the week, plus an extra game on Tuesday because it was Talk Like A Pirate Day (which I'll admit I haven't really paid any attention to for the last few years).... so there was a LOT of stuff going on this week.

Due to excessive amounts of gaming I also didn't get a chance to make soup until Monday afternoon, and because I was feeling sick, I went with chicken noodle soup. Actually more of a chicken noodle stew if I'm being honest, but not bad.

I also had my chiro appointment on Friday, so with one thing and another I never spent a whole day at home this week.

Today was a return to The Before Times. For the first time since last November, Ma came down to me first thing this morning and we went shopping together. Huzzah. Okay, so it took longer and I didn't get to just listen to podcasts the whole time, but it's a step forward.

The shopping itself was fairly standard... I decided to make tomato soup this week, so that should be simple enough.

After we were done with shopping, someone Ma knew was doing a thing at a car related thing, so we stopped in there for not very long as all thankfully. Long enough for Ma to see the woman she knew and to get a sausage sizzle and a cupcake.

Obligations taken care of, we didn't do all that much of anything else, we just took a brief trip to Big W, then off to Kmart, mostly just to run a couple of errands. and that was about it. Nothing spectacular or dramatic, but at least it was a return to the old ways.

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