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So this week can be summed up by two D&D games and a haircut.

Because I was due to see Tink on Thursday night, I needed to skip the Thursday night D&D game, but Monday night was interesting because there were a couple of new people, who were so new to the idea they didn't even have characters yet. It did mean that we lost the first half hour or so to that. It was more fun than it sounds, just from the perspective of inducting brand new people to the game.

Wednesday was a little nuts because we had three of the DMs playing, which was half the players. But it was a fun adventure all the same.

I also managed to use my beard trimmer on Wednesday morning without putting the attachment on it... and basically hacked a chunk out of the right side of my moustache. Given that the only two options were living with it as it was and shaving, I opted to go with living with it. Yes, it's going to look a bit naff for a couple of weeks, but I really didn't want to shave it all off.

Thursday was Haircut Day. The second to last Haircut Day before Tink and the family moves up into the hills. Which is not ideal. In theory it shouldn't be a much longer drive, but it's into the hills, and I hate driving in the hills. So we'll see what happens.

I really, really don't want to have to find a new hairdresser, especially given that it's so much cheaper to go to Tink. Hopefully once I'm used to it it'll be fine.

Today was pretty much a paint by numbers Saturday. Got up, went to the supermarket, came home, unpacked, drove up to Ma's place.

We did drive out to look at some reverse cycle airconditioners for Ma's place, which was a slightly pointless journey, but Ma just wanted to have a look at the units in the flesh as it were. But she's going to have somebody come out and go through all the details with her, so that'll probably be more informative.

Afterwards we did swing by the shopping centre and do a lap, which was about the same as every other time we do it.

I did take a detour on the way home (well, I went past home and kept going) to pick up the few minifigs I wanted from the Lego Ninjago Movie set.

So, yeah, not a terribly exciting week, but that's fine.

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