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crimson peak - beware
If ever a movie lived up to the tag line on it's poster, it's Crimson Peak and it's "Beware" tag.

Which is what I'd tell anyone if they asked what I thought of the movie.

Normally I like Guillermo del Toro movies, the Hellboys, Pan's Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, Blade II... but I don't know what the hell went wrong with this one. It's so blatantly melodramatic and painfully obvious... and if I'm honest, kind of boring because of it.

Part of the problem is also Mia Wasikowska... she always come across as insipid and a little wooden, and this role is no different. Tom Hiddleston and a frankly unrecognisable Jessica Chastain give better performances, but their characters are fairly one dimensional and obvious that it defeats the purpose of their performance.

And rather than relying on suspense and tension, del Toro has indulged in jump scares and a bunch of gore which isn't particularly frightening. It was also disappointing that the supernatural elements were incidental to the plot and could easily have been removed without affecting the movie that much.

Even the supposed "gothic romance" is lukewarm at best...

So I think it's safe to say that I wasn't a fan.

yani's rating: 1 black moth out of 5

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