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Clearly I didn't sleep terribly well last night, or else the week I've had has just worn me the fuck out, because I really feel like I could go and have a nap. But if I do that I'm liable to wake up at like 2am ready to start the day.

Going back to last weekend, I managed to do a few things I've been needing to get a move on with... first and foremost, Ma's yearly calendar made from my photos...

This year is technically a little bit of a cheat...

Partly because we didn't go anywhere this year, so I went back through all our previous trips and worked out that 2015 was actually the ten year anniversary of our first trip to Melbourne. And we'd actually made twelve trips in total... so it seemed like it was all coming together perfectly.

Hence the "Dec-ade" calendar was born.

However, it's the calendar for 2016, so it's a decade plus one technically... and it was only after I'd designed the whole thing that I realised that one of the shots in question was actually from my solo trip to Sydney in 2012. Whoops. But I liked the image in question, and to be honest I didn't have anything to replace it with.

It's also the first year that I haven't reshuffled the months excessively... which was great... but mostly because I did it all chronologically.

And it definitely reinforces the fact that we really need to go somewhere next year.

Sunday addendum: Every year when I go to get the calendar bound at Officeworks, I'm convinced that they're going to screw it up and ruin it somehow... every year I'm very happy to find that they don't.

So I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but this year, Steph, who served me, bound it along the left edge not the top.

Now a) I'm always very specific about telling them to bind it "along the top" and b) it's a fucking calendar, why would you ever, ever think that it should be NOT bound across the top. After I pointed out that she'd completely fucked it up she offered to trim it off and do it again, but I decided to live with it as it is. She also didn't charge me for the binding, which was good.

And after ringing Ma to complain to her, she said I should speak to the manager... which I was in two minds about... but then the universe took the decision out of my hands by having a member of staff ask me if there was anything they could help me with... I said, yes, who's the manager, she said that'd be me, and we were off to the races as they say.

I basically told her what the situation was and that I would deal with the item as it was, but that Steph had basically screwed up a Christmas present and that she should be more careful and use her common sense a little more in future.

The thing that will be the real kick in the rubber parts is if it turns out that Ma actually likes it bound along the wrong edge once she uses the calendar.

And now back to the previously scheduled post...

I also got around to looking through my cross-stitch supplies to see if I had any of the colours for the mini Disney princess pattern from Wee Little Stitches I'm intending to make for Tink's girls... I'm planning on splitting the pattern in two... giving half to each girl.

As it turns out the pattern requires 44 different colours... of which I had ten. Thankfully Ma came to the party with another ten, and then I picked the rest up today. Not that they'll go to waste or anything.

Speaking of Tink, this week was also Haircut Night... and we made further plans for my pre-Christmas hair-do... I still don't know if it's going to be the best hair decision I've ever made, but I've made worse ones. And it's possibly only for that one month if it turns out to be horrendous or ridiculous.

Otherwise, we just did the usual cut and colour on my hair this time around.

In other news from this week, work has been incredibly draining. Partially physically, but mostly mentally... and because every time I feel like I'm getting on top of things I end up feeling like I'm back behind the eight ball.

Hopefully once things start to drop off slightly I'll be able to catch up... or at least process things enough that I can pass them on to other people to complete.

I also got an emergency call from La Ninj at 6:30 on Thursday morning saying that I needed to publish some content to the website right that second... cut to me eating cereal with one hand and making changes to the website with the other about ten minutes later. Fun times.

But I was also a little annoyed that there were so many people on leave on Friday... and that a couple of us are having to rework stuff that someone else was supposed to be managing because it wasn't done properly the first time around... and they're on leave for a week.

On a completely (well mostly anyway) unrelated note... I got my two big boxes of Christmas things out from under my bed this week. It was partially so that I could find my little gay Christmas tree to put on my desk at work. I don't know how much stuff I'm actually going to put up around the apartment, but I might have a crack at it during the week in the lead up to next weekend when I'll go down to Ma's to put the tree up at her place.

Oh, and the Fringe guide drops next week... so that means a couple of days of insanity picking and planning and buying tickets... and then two months of waiting for the Fringe to start.

That's pretty much it though, for this week anyway.

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